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Photo Albums
Me, my puppy, pictures around the garden and other assorted things.
Yes, that's right garden pics on a porn site! LOL :)

Photo Album 2015
Pics around the house and garden from last year.
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Photo Album 2014
Pics around the house and garden from 2013.
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Photo Album 2013
Pics around the house and garden from 2012.
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Photo Album 2012
Pics around the house and garden from 2011.
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Photo Album 2011
Pics around the house and garden from 2010.
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Winter 2010
Some pics of winter where I live.
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Photo Album 2010
Pics around the house and garden from 2009.
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Photo Album 2009
Pics around the house and garden from 2008.
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Photo Album 2008
Pics around the house and garden from 2007.
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Photo Album 2007
Pics around the house and garden from 2006.
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Winter 2006
Pics of winter where I live.

Photo Album 2006
A collection of pics of me and my doggy around the house from this spring, summer and fall.

I Am Canadian
A little about my country.

My Naughty Stuff
Webcam pics and vids.

HELLO! Hope everyone is doing well!

April 15, 2018 - The last picture is just to show the fine detail and beautiful job the framing shop did. He was on display in the shop window when I went to get him and I almost dropped to my knees on the sidewalk. He's also on the front page of their website.

Watching over me like he always did....





March 6, 2018 - My beautiful boy died on December 29, 2017 and I am still in agony. Here is a painting my childhood friend did for me...

Dad, before I went 

I wanted you to know

I loved when you rubbed my tummy 

I loved how you called me cutey pie 

I loved when you broke my treats into small pieces

I loved it when you kissed my ears and said they were soft as silk

I loved when you said ‘do you love me dad’ I always wagged and said yes in my heart

I loved when you would hide and I would come find you

I loved your laughter when I did silly things

I loved when you tapped on my can of food to get my attention before you fed me

I loved all the bags of jerky you gave me and how you smiled as I ran off with them so happily

I loved how you held my paw when we went for drives

I loved how happy I made you feel when you came home from the hospital and I was waiting for you at the door

I loved how you came to me for comfort when you were sad

I loved all the great toys you bought me

I loved when you sang to me at night

Dad, YOU were MY sunshine all along 

I loved the way you took special care of me when I got old and slowed down

And most of all I loved when you lay with me when my time came whispering in my ear how great a friend I was

As you comforted me as I left you I felt so very loved.


Bandit, sometimes I don’t know if the tears I cry are for you or for myself

Because I must now live without you

Two things I do know...

I love you

I miss you

And my heart hurts

A million words would not bring you back, I know because I’ve tried

Neither would a million tears, I know because I’ve cried.


I’ll never forget you baby. Ever.

December 31, 2017 - All the best in 2018 to my members, readers, visitors and friends and wishes to all for a peaceful, prosperous and healthy year. action-smiley-hugs.gif

September 17, 2017 - Hey guys! The Originals are back with A-list models from the US. Exclusive guys, such as Jack Hunter, Casey Everett, Armond Rizzo, Alex Mecum, Brandon Wilde and many more coming in solo and action shoots, with all the high quality playback and download (HD @ 1080i) options you're used to from Tyler's Room Originals including zipped photo sets and now with bonus interviews if you like the guy(s) and want to hear them talk about what is was like filming for us as well as their hobbies, sexual tastes etc. Tylersroom DVD Downloads is also back up and running with a new video in full HD to download every week. Also, the TR Movie Feeds now carry Sean Cody, Corbin Fisher and Men.com videos among many more popular studios for you to enjoy. Still bringing you the most for the least. smile.gif

I have really been enjoying participating in our forum recently and plan to continue whether I piss everyone off, bore everyone to tears or just add some different perspectives. I don't Facebook and I don't tweet (like someone we all know) so the forum is my outlet. I am not sure why I slowed down here, as I love to write and it was one of the early foundations which made my site different - lots of personal issues in my life interfering the past 4 years I guess... but I'm back. Special thanks also to you guys who write so beautifully and contribute so prolifically to our little forum. Thumbs Up

Come check it out if you have never. It's chock full of just about everything imaginable. 16 years worth. Help and support, thousdands and thousands of dirty pictures, politics, recipes, gardening, sports, music, traveling... Tylersroom Forums. Due to spammers and bots you will need to email me if you want to be a posting member - shouldn't take any longer than 12 hours for me to fix you up. Browsing requires nothing. smile.gif


December 31, 2016 - All the best in 2017 to my members, readers, visitors and friends. action-smiley-hugs.gif

September 28, 2016 - Put the campfires out, summer is over. You may have noticed a new feed on the site called "DVD Den" that lasted all of about 2 weeks. I had the option of buying new DVDs from a new source and it seemed like a good deal on the surface but when we actually got it into rotation the selection was not very good. TR Movie Feed source (AEBN) has a much better selection so now we will be getting 14 new DVDs a day instead of 10. That's 2 more than the combined "DVD Den" and "TR Movie Feed" offered previously. So if anyone was wondering what was up with that feed coming and going - there's your explanation. :) We have a new feed just added called "Dirty Boy Video" which features amateur guys from NYC in action... not a huge library to start with but it looks really promising and updates every Thursday. There is a really hardcore feed coming this month as well from a notorious company but I can't divulge who it is just yet. Stay tuned on that. As always you can email me at webmaster@tylersroom.net with any questions, complaints, suggestions or conversation... I am here to serve you always. Waving

With all this talk about a resurgence of vinyl records I decided to take the plunge and buy a turntable. Not a super audiophile one but a better than average Denon unit that I outfitted with a Shure N97XE stylus (the one the Denon came with just sucked) and started to collect some albums. Some new ones on 180 gram vinyl and some older ones on the flimsy vinyl - ones that have yet to be re-pressed if they ever will. I'm basically rebuilding a collection I had many years ago and have long since lost. I have CDs and I have a library on iTunes but can honestly say the sound of the turntable is far superior through my system than either of those options. I have 6 speakers, including two super huge - "Eviction Rated" it said on the boxes lol - Cerwin Vegas with double 15 inch woofers so I had to make a little rig to escape wicked feedback from those speakers on my wood floors. After doing a little research online I used an old metal speaker stand with a cinder block on top and then 6 leather placemats - while it isn't the most desirable piece of errr furniture in my house haha it does the trick and with the dust cover off I get no feedback with it up crazy loud.
The sound of vinyl is so warm and alluring, it never tires the ears out like digital music does. The trick is to find original analog recordings or reproductions of the original analog masters not reproductions on vinyl of digital reproductions of the original masters lol confused - those are a waste of money in most cases. Some digital recordings, Eminem's music comes to mind, just don't work on vinyl. They certainly don't sound better, in fact the vinyl accentuates how boring the bass is on his music - boom boom boom - here I thought bass made his music. Speaking of bass just have a listen to Dire Straits' "Brothers In Arms" on vinyl - new remaster or an old one - that albums says it all as far as sound staging and the reproduction of that on vinyl. Listening again to that album on mp3 sounds so squished and flat now. Some new albums, Ed Sheeran's "X" is a great example, sound absolutely incredible on vinyl (his album is split into two LPs that play at 45 rpm) but overall it's a bit of a crap shoot with new music on vinyl... I find reading reviews at Discogs or even Amazon helps determine the quality of the particular pressings. A great source of quality used CDs is Esprit/EIL, they are in the UK but ship via Royal Mail in great packaging which arrives within a week of ordering in Canada. I have bought over three dozen records from those guys (through Amazon) and only one was disappointing with a big thump in my favorite song, otherwise a very reliable source.

No real reason for including this little gem of a gif other than to say I just love Jacob's ummm.... music.

Check out my new car called a Hellcat... 704 horsepower. Waving

One might think I'm an American, based on my obsession with US politics, this year is election year in my own country...

First, from a post on our forum, the basics for anyone who might be interested:

The Conservative Party of Canada under Prime Minister Stephen Harper has governed with a majority government since May 2, 2011 and has to call an election on or before the fixed date of October 19, 2015. In this case Prime Minister Harper is most likely NOT to call the election before the fixed date.

The parties and candidates:

The Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) currently govern with 163 seats. Their leader is Stephen Harper who will be vying for his 4th term as Prime Minister. CPC are a center right party.

The New Democratic Party (NDP) of Canada currently are the official opposition in the 41st Parliament with 95 seats. NDP leader is Thomas Mulcair who hopes to repeat the feat of former leader Jack Layton (deceased 2011) who took the party from a half century of third party in Canada to official opposition status. NDP are traditionally a left party.

The Liberal Party of Canada (Lib) currently have 35 seats and had one of their worst performances in their history in the last election under leader Stephane Dion. The new leader is Justin Trudeau, eldest son of former Liberal Prime Minister of 15 years Pierre Elliot Trudeau. The Liberals hope to govern. The modern day Liberal party is center left.

The Green Party if Canada (G) is still considered a fringe player but with a very respected leader in Elizabeth May. They hold 2 seats and could gain. Very left.

The separatist Bloq Québécois (BQ), almost extinct now, currently hold 2 seats and might disappear altogether this election. Who cares.

There are 9 independent members of Parliament and 2 vacant seats as of January 2015.

Currently The House of Commons of Canada is 308 seats total, 155 needed to form a majority government. This goes up to 338 seats in 2015 with 170 needed to form a majority government.


Here's an aggregate of current polls...

NDP - 32.1%
Liberal - 29.5%
Conservative - 27.7%
Green - 5.2%
BQ - 4.0%
Other - 1%

With these aggregate levels of support, the New Democrats would likely win 122 seats, with 114 seats going to the Liberals, 101 seats to the Conservatives, 1 seats to the Greens and 0 seats to the Bloc Québécois.

It looked for awhile there like this was Mulcair's election to lose but amazingly (to me haha) Trudeau has come on strong with just over 6 weeks to go and Mulcair went on a spending promise spree all the while promising no deficits which is nearly impossible economics and gives fuel to the long held belief on the right that the NDP are reckless tax and spenders. Mulcair will need to reel his message in or he might give Turdeau an opening. Personally I find Trudeau almost unbearable, in a similar way to how I felt about GWB in the US in 2000. I find it impossible to envision him as a leader of anything let alone my country. Mulcair I could accept - his record as a minister in Quebec was pretty moderate and sensible from all I've read. Harper is just blowing it big time. Every day there is something else he has to defend whether it's scandals, Conservative nominees dropping out because of bad personal behavior, Canada officially in a recession, insensitive reactions to the Syrian refugee crisis and on and on - he just can't get on message with all that baggage dogging him. I have voted for Harper in the past but he does not deserve to be Prime Minister anymore and his current administration most certainly needs to go. Too close to call right now but my sense is the Conservatives are headed out of power and the NDP in.


The US election is another thing altogether. I can't get my head around this Trump thing so am waiting to see if it is real or just the endless silly season down there before even trying to have an opinion about the state of the upcoming 2016 race. Certainly an entertaining time for North American political junkies anyway. Grin


January 20, 2015 - Couple of things...

A new feed long promised from Bijou will be added to our line up within the next 2 weeks with another to follow shortly thereafter.

The Originals are being re-tooled yet again but will be back with regular updates in February, with an emphasis on action as opposed to all the solo cuteys. Thanks for your patience with this, working with different producers can be challenging to say the least.

Last year, after a tumultuous few months dealing with AEBN, how to present as much of their massive library as I could without raising my price, I simultaneously launched the massive re-vamped TR Movie Feed and my re-designed site back on February 1, 2014. I am very proud and grateful to say I have not lost a a single member in an entire year now (totals, people come and go and re-sign up etc) - I've actually gained a few which is bucking the industry trends of the past 6 years and then some! :) The stability is way too cool and again I thank you all for your tremendous loyalty allowing me to serve you, continuing to try and make this site the biggest bang for the buck on the net. It's like an underground treat once found hard to turn away from... so much content. Grin


December 31, 2014 - All the best in 2015 to my members, readers and visitors.

October 20, 2014 - Hey guys! Fall is here already in Canada and it's approaching the almost unthinkable 15th ohmy.gif anniversary of the day I registered tylersroom.net and started this adventure. I really have to thank my core group of guys, a lot of whom have been with me for the entire 15 year run so far - awesomeness! The Originals have featured some pretty impressive young men recently, that and the huge Tylersroom Movie Feed are two of the main draws of the site by far. I have quite a few free accounts to give away for the anniversary so stay posted on how to win.

Here's a really old version of the site - a classic (or not lol) from 12 years ago. As one forum member noted the membership price has not changed in all these years - still $19.99 a month - no cost of living increases in my room haha.

For some really interesting new music try Polaris award winning Canadian tongue singer Tanya Tagaq, she's quite the unique act, mixing electronic music with (a take on) her native tongue singing. Her album "Animism" is a truly fascinating work and gets in your dreams.

I have a few things to say about the various upcoming elections and will post that shortly - for now I just wanted to say hello and post a few pics from the late summer.


July 28, 2014 - The new site design has sure been a success and I couldn't be more pleased - I'm glad you're all enjoying it! TR Movie Feed is a smash hit with so much content it's almost impossible to find the end. smile.gif There are some new feeds in the works (like we need them) and I have a new producer for the Originals (again!) who does some awesome camera work, we will be getting some action stuff soon to compliment the hot solo guys he's been filming.

Anyways, I just wanted to say hello. In one of the more recent Originals videos the photographer talks to the model about me and my 'retirement' and I wanted to let you know I am not retired at all lol and am fully responsible for the site and it's content (in fact he is the one who retired from shooting porn and he was probably refering to me being on the other side of the camera Wink). I am still your 'webmaster dude', and love being so, almost 15 years later. salute.gif

Here's a variety of pics from around my place this year so far.


March 27, 2014 - Hey guys, I launched the new site design last week and I'm pleased with the feedback so far - thanks - I worked pretty hard on it. One thing that didn't turn out like I hoped was three of the feeds (content apps)... Squirtz, Video Boys and the TR Movie Feed won't let me link directly to them. They need to have the blue enter middle page for now. I am going to see if I can work with those feed owners to change that but at them moment that is out of my control. Other that that I tested the heck out of this baby on all platforms, browsers and devices and am pretty sure I have worked out most bugs. If you find one please let me know by email or drop a note on our forums. As always, change is difficult for some of us, so I do still maintain and update the old version and will for a bit yet depending on usage - it will always stand anyway. If you can't find a specific feed, use the Quick Nav as there are about a dozen on there that didn't make the main grid.

One of the best parts of the new design you won't immediately see is the responsive design and how it looks a little different on varying screen sizes... try shrinking or expanding the window and you will see it work - it goes from 1600px wide all the way down to 468px. Then there's our forum, that software was upgraded a couple of months ago and is very modern now albeit a little tough to get familiar with.

I didn't include my blog in the main content block originally as I don't think of it as content but I guess it is in it's own way and after quite a few emails I put it back on the main grid and not only in the "fine print" at the bottom of the page. I don't update it very often but this site re-design has inspired me to get this going again as I love to write (and take pics) so I will stop being so quiet and turn up the volume a bit hehe.

There's a new feed called StraightMen coming on Monday or Tuesday. We're closing in on 700 full titles on TR Movie Feed and it is growing fast at a clip of 7 new a day. Anyway back to work for me... I'm almost done a revamp of the Originals section which will more or less match the new main site and movie feed. Next update there is scheduled next Friday but might be a few days late while I synch things up.


November 18, 2013 - Man this summer flew by. I repainted half of my house as well as re-did alot of my gardens so I guess it's no surprise it went so fast. smile.gif I've been busy with the website as well...

Besides a couple more hot new feeds, Bang Bang Boys, hot Brazilian studs fresh off the beaches of Rio right to your screen and Tribal Twinks, a weekly updating collection of Latin twinks, the long awaited upgrade to Tyler's Movie Feeds (AEBN), now Tylersroom Movie Feed, has finally arrived. Despite a bumpy start it is a huge improvement in quantity and quality over the console feeds (Straight Bait, Old Timers etc) that preceded it, nearly three times as many full length titles with many more premium studios in the mix now. Not to mention it's all in one place now and the navigation is top notch. As with ALL the feeds on Tylersroom now, the AEBN hook up is also completely mobile compatible. If you haven't already checked out TR on your mobile device - check it out - if not just to have a peek. I think it's pretty kewl, easy to use and the new feed is the cherry on top - making for a boatload of content all designed especially for small screens. There's a new feed with a huge selection of HD movies on it's way as well (as if we need it but ya know...smile.gif).

Here's a special offer if you want to check all the new stuff out.smile.gif

Here's a variety of pics from around my place the past couple of months.


May 24, 2013 - It's a busy time of year with gardening, spring cleaning and of course cruising around with our males libidos in full spring ferver. Hope everyone is having fun!

I have three new feeds to report... two of which are from well known studios on the west coast featuring raw and amateur, hardcore action Dirty Dawg and Ricky Raunch while the third is a collection of super hot twinks from the famed site Teens and Twinks. I hope you enjoy these and watch for "Tyler's Movie Feeds" (offering 104 full length flicks in 26 different categories every month since 2003) to unveil the long awaited upgrade sometime near the end of June. The new feeds and most of the 'Favorite Feeds' section, as well as local features 'The Originals' and 'The Video Downloads' are now available for streaming in a mobile environment. 'Tyler's Movie Feeds' will also be upgraded to include mobile compatibility with the coming facelift. smile.gif

Here's some pics from around the garden so far this year.


April 16, 2013 - Spring at last! It has been a long, long winter up here in Eastern Canada. Last year spring came far too early and messed up all the tulips and fruit trees, among other things, so it became a very unusual growing season - everything definitely feels like it's back on schedule if not a little late this year. Last year was also a time of a lot of personal drama for me and I found myself getting my work done on the site everyday with little energy to do much else online. I've had a very positive start to my year and things are really starting to go well again and I hope to start posting here more often.

I can't believe it has been almost ten years since I posted here that my baby Blackie had died and later that year I welcomed a new puppy, Bandit, into my life. He had some huge paws to fill but has filled them every day since we met. He's almost 9 now and having all sorts of issues with his mobility unfortunately. No that surprising though, being a pit bull and watching him run with his girl friend Chloe up and down the farmers fence day after day, summer after summer - I always said 'man, that's not going to be good when he gets older'. He still wants to go to the fence and run his heart out thinking it is his job and it pleases me - I have tried to stop him and will continue to, but every once in a while he sneaks off and runs and then when he comes in he is barely able to move. Mobility obviously is going to be an ongoing deteriorating condition _ thankfully he seems healthy in most other ways. One thing that is for sure - we are both greatly looking forward to getting out and spending another summer together. I plan to take lots and lots of pics. smile.gif

And site news... holy cow are there a lot of things in the works. Next week the makers of Fratmen, Sex Gaymes, Treasure Island and that set of feeds have two new feeds for us as well as a major overhaul of all the feeds. I just got a sneak peak and they look fantastic biggrin.gif Likewise AEBN, the mother of all movie feeds lol, that has lagged far behind the competition in quality is about to unveil a rework sometime around the beginning of June. The first major update for 'Tyler's Movie Feeds' in 8 years. All of these feeds are being reworked for mobile use as well so I will be adding those to the mobile menu as they become available.

Look what I got! If you haven't seen 'Ted' and aren't offended by Seth MacFarlane's (Family Guy) brand of brash humor this movie is a must see. It ranks as one of the funniest movies I've ever seen. Besides Ted who is voiced by MacFarlane, the movie also stars the very sexy Mark Wahlberg and the very funny Mila Kunis.
Thunder buddies for life! laugh.gif

Bye for now. action-smiley-waves.gif

January 7, 2013 - Tylersroom is available as a live ROKU channel now. There is quite a good selection with the Originals as well as the Downloads - with an additional 1000 3-4 minute promo and amateur clips from over the years mixed in there. On a related note the Downloads will resume updating this month.

I did what I could with the platform and navigation is limited. If there's a particular video clip in the Downloads section you want to see - best way is to find it using the search tools on the internet version - right click on the thumb of choice and the name of that thumb will correspond with the numbered sections of the ROKU menu. Other than that there are various ways to flip through them but no search features (yet). tongue.gif

Due to the fact the Originals began in 2004, the older videos are not as good a quality as the HD ones but they are more than watchable - same applies for the Downloads which not only vary in the date I added them but also in their own production dates (some as far back as the 70s). So keep this in mind while perusing the ROKU selection.

Note: If you are not a ROKU user and have no idea what I'm on about you're not missing anything from my site. smile.gif It's simply another platform to make the videos accessible on your TV. For this reason I didn't make the "button" for ROKU part of the main menu of TR sections... just click on the ROKU logo in the left hand bottom corner of the main page header.


What is ROKU?

January 2, 2013 - All the best in the New Year and many thanks to all of you who have supported my website for yet another year (12). I look forward to continuing to serve you in 2013. salute.gif

I've been all but assured that "Tyler's Movie Feeds" (by AEBN) will be finally rolling out their new improved platform early this year. tongue.gif

November 5, 2012 - I'm going to make my prediction on the US Presidential election being held tomorrow...

Obama carries all the States he did in 2008 except Indiana - 347 electoral college votes to Romney's 191 - and wins his second term as president. The networks will make a huge race out of it early but the election will be officially called when the west coast polls close again. Florida won't be figured out until well until the wee hours but it won't matter anyway.

Wednesday morning a call will be made from the White House to Mitch "The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president" McConnell... "Mitch The PRESIDENT is on line one" biggrin.gif

November 3, 2012 - I haven't been writing on this page much this year but I do yak on the forums almost daily - feel free to join in. smile.gif

I wanted to let you guys know that there is a new streaming protocol on the Originals which allows a progressive download of the FLV video for users with slower connections. This should help streaming those videos... if you're experiencing buffering - pause it for a few seconds and let the download get ahead of you.

The Originals will be fully available on the mobile site soon - which will mean 80% of the site and feeds will be working on your handheld devices. I will post about that when it's done.

Also, am currently working with another producer on some brand new feeds that should be ready to debut soon.

I will have an offer for members of my site to try a brand new site (and TR members get a free month) that is all the rage right now for amateur models. Watch for that in the member section at some point. I don't usually do cross sells but this one is a special offer for us and it's a great site. It all started as I approached the company asking for a feed seeing as we already carry a feed from another of their sites but no go - the site is too new at the moment.

All for now - just want to let you know I'm not passing my time talking to neighbor cows I am always trying to make Tylersroom better. cool.gif

July 4, 2012 - Happy birthday to my great neighbour to the south and all her great people.

Scientists announced today that they have found and observed the Higg's boson. The very notion that an atomic particle creates mass and the human race is advanced enough scientifically to actually record and discover this atomic particle is so exciting. We now have another great piece of the puzzle solved of how this world came to be. As expected the media, particularily the North American media, has almost entirely ignored this while the discovery ranks up there with some of mankind's greatest achievments in my opinion. This discovery has implications for thr study of gravity as well - the mind boggles to think of man learning about, harnassing and recreating gravity on an atomic level. Waving

July 1, 2012 - Happy birthday Canada. I love my country and feel very lucky to live in such a progressive society.

The site is still rolling along providing the most content for the lowest member fee (by far). Cutey Christian was a big hit recently and the duo of Brycen and Michael was one of the most quickly downloaded videos ever on TR. There were also some new feeds from Sparta added: Bareback U, Euro Bareback Tour and Point and Shoot as well as the re-introduction of Maximo Latino and Cruiser Boys. I'm always looking out for new content and although the industry has slowed a bit I keep managing to find great new stuff. Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to do this for a living. For anyone who hasn't seen them my personal videos and pictures they are here. Waving

Here's some pics around the garden from this past May and June.


June 28, 2012 - Congratulations to President Obama for The Affordable Care Act and it's being ruled as constitutional not as a penalty but as a tax. All the bitching about it will subside and challenges to it as a tax in Congress will pass. Amendments and improvements will come with time.

Now that there is an official Republican nominee for US President I thought I would comment on the 2012 election. smile.gif

I'll start with some electoral map observations.

The states that Obama won in 2008 that McCain lost but that Romney has a shot at are:

New Hampshire (4)
Virginia (13)
North Carolina (15)
Florida (29)
Ohio (18)
Indiana (11)
Wisconsin (10)
Iowa (6)
Nebraska (2nd cong. dist.) (1)
Colorado (9)
Nevada (6)

That's 122 electoral votes. Now if Obama wins the exact same states that he won the last time, that makes 359 electoral votes. If Romney were to pick up all those states listed above, then 359 - 122 = 237, and Obama loses.

Florida plus one other state from that list would get Obama over 270, but there are all sorts of combinations that also help Obama to shore things up. Wisconsin won't be won by either candidate in a walk, and neither will Florida, Ohio and Virginia. Romney would have to do spectacularly well in those states in order to win, while Obama could carry the five lowest-yielding states on that list and still win (not counting Nebraska's 2nd congressional district as a state, of course).

This also doesn't take into consideration what might happen should Obama expand the map. Granted, there aren't too many opportunities for him to do that this year. The only states I could see him possibly flipping are Georgia, Arizona, Missouri and Montana, for a grand total of 40 electoral votes. However, I don't see those states flipping unless he's already doing very well in most, if not all, of the states on my list above.

Right now, I can't see Obama doing any worse than 237 electoral votes, or doing any better than 399. I think both possibilities are extremely unlikely right now. The answer is almost certainly somewhere between those two numbers. Odds are that Obama's total will land north of 270, at any rate. But don't count any chickens right now. These are eggs I'm counting; they're not chickens yet. At any rate, Romney's got his work cut out for him.

April 27, 2012 - Hi guys, I have been pseudo hibernating this winter and taking a bit of much needed time off. I just wanted to leave a note here letting you know I'll be back updating my blog, adding some new personal updates (which I haven't done in a long time ohmy.gif) and starting a new photo journal for 2012 in May. I bought an RV (yes, again! lol but this one is a coach not a trailer) from a buddy and have some ideas how I might use that for my website. I have this really sexy friend with a huge, almost perfect 10-inch dick who is trying to coax me into taking him on some little weekend trips to campgrounds and videotaping his exploits. I will keep you posted on the progress of this! tongue.gif

There's some hot new feeds in the works too (one from a major site!) and the improvements to AEBN should be ready to roll out soon. smile.gif

I've been regularily doing my political "rants" and outbursts about various subjects on my forum which you can access here. I started doing this blog long before Facebook ever came to be so I'm not much of a Facebook user, I have accounts but I don't see the point in updating over there when I have always done the exact same right here. Business wise I haven't used Facebook or Twitter for marketing either - you guys are still doing a remarkable job of word of mouth and your site loyalty is truly inspiring, especially in this industry. When other people in the industry learn of my awesome base and how loyal you are they froth at the mouth - you know you're safe with me though and always have been. cool.gif

Some members have asked if I have been taken over by some corporate group and I can emphatically say no - I am still full owner and operator of your site. I did make a deal with a larger corporation to help with the marketing of my site, which they do, but I am still in complete control of the content and goings-on on the website.

Anyways, personal updates coming soon, thanks again for all your support!


December 30, 2011 - All the best in the New Year and many thanks to all of you who have supported my website for yet another year (11). There are alot of exciting new things coming early this year including a new concept in cam house, new brand name feeds and the continuing evolution of feeds to mobile compatible. I look forward to continuing to serve you in 2012. salute.gif

Stay safe if you're out and about on New Year's eve. hugs.gif

October 6, 2011 - "You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something — your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever...
Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart...
Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.
Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish." - Steve Jobs from his commencement speech to Stanford University in 2005.

This is the full inspiring speech...


September 10, 2011 - Looking back over this blog is very neat for me, it's a diary of my life in words and pictures, for the past 11 years. To anyone who happens upon this page now it must seem like a very incohesive jumble. Sex, hockey, tennis, politics, house renovations, flowers, breaking up with a boyfriend, saying goodbye to and welcoming pets and on and on in no particular order (the latest post is always on top). 'Incohesive jumble' actually sums up my life rather nicely hehe.

With tomorrow the anniversary of 9-11 here's one of my first ever blog posts 10 years ago...

Usually you can't shut me up, but for most of last week I was truly speechless. After all the mass destruction and horrendous stories of suffering, even thinking of my website seemed so trivial... however, life must go on and we all still have to relieve ourselves. My first reaction, like most others, was for the US to show it's mighty rage and obliterate somebody. Now, I see it won't be so easy. I hated everything about George W. Bush since he was elected but in this trying time he has handled himself with incredible grace. His open showing of emotion at that press conference last week really touched me and made me realize having a man of such strong faith as US President might not be so bad after all in these times. If the world and that includes Canada, doesn't stop this now, it will indeed escalate to nuclear, chemical etc., it's just a matter of time and money. I am a pacifist at heart but unfortunately, I don't think there can possibly be a totally peaceful ending to this.

Well the bombs started dropping this morning over Afghanistan...I don't really know what to think...just have to wait and see I guess. I heard this song the other day and at first I was a little angry that John Lennon's anthem of peace "IMAGINE" had been remixed with clips from the troubled world we now live in...but after a few listens it struck me as very powerful, a call to arms in the name of peace. It is such an emotional peace that I decided to put it on my server for anyone to download. Here it is... JOHN LENNON _ IMAGINE (WORLD TRADE CENTER VERSION) right click and save.


I love fall, everyone and everything seems to slow down. Colors in the gardens are starting to show autumn yellows, oranges and golds and kids are back in school (how that really affects me I don't know but I still like it haha). I haven't done much photography this summer, not from lack of interest but from lack of time it seems. I am going to make time and snap some fall colors though - I get such peace from taking pictures and trying to find that perfect colour and angle. The yearly galleries above have all been redone into thumbnail galleries for easier loading and viewing than the long pages with captions (lifted off the forum). laugh.gif

On the website front, there are MORE feeds coming from Lucas Entertainment soon and we welcomed a new site to the line up: Manhunt's 'On The Hunt' this month. Early reviews of that site are good, it features actual guys that hooked up through Manhunt and agreed to take it public. There's an amateur feel to it and the videography is really, really good. There will be more coming in the next few months and a resumption of the Originals to a weekly schedule starting in September, the line up will be mostly American now with a hot bunch of southwest dudes coming next and a few Canadians thrown in for good measure. laugh.gif

A question I have been often asked...
What did I do before I became a webmaster?

I used to work retail before my web business. I worked several years at the Simpsons flagship store (a large Canadian department store) and later at a smaller Austrian butcher/deli/grocers, both in Toronto.

I liked Simpsons as I was a floor guy behind the scenes in the furniture department - shipping, receiving and placing the stuff on the floor. I always wanted to decorate and accessorize (whodda thunk lol) but the older queens from the drapes department (ladida rolleyes.gif) came and prettied up our room settings.

The Austrian meat market was right on Church street in the heart of the gay "ghetto" in Toronto. I wouldn't have anything to do with tongue etc so my boss put me on cash. I was so extremely neurotic about his grocery area that he put me in charge of that as well. So in effect I was doing two jobs and he was only paying me for one so he was happy. He did try and do extras for me however (let me take unclaimed party platters home etc). I was a monster on cash - I had bionic fingers (just 2 haha - I'm still a two finger typer but I will challenge any full finger typer to a duel but I digress...).

I was the bitchiest cashier on the planet I think, I liked the old Austrian/German customers who came from all over the city as the store was quite famous and took my time serving them well. The gay customers who were mostly lunchtime clients I didn't treat that well in hindsight - they bothered me for some reason - I was cute back then I guess and got cruised frequently and I did not have a good reputation. I think Peter (my boss) let me away with my rather abrasive behavior as I was so fast and fastidious with his store and was doing two jobs for him. Some customers complained and I got my due reprimand but after 4 years there, the gay community mostly knew me and knew how to deal with me. I remember a few times being at gay bars in the area and overhearing people just trashing me in the washrooms lol "that blonde bitch on cash at Reithers" embarassed.gif

I'll never forget one Easter. Easter was a huge selling period at this particular store as Peter prided himself on his vast selection of chocolate bunnies etc. Really fancy gold wrapped stuff from Europe. In my usual 'wanting to please' manner I was closing Sunday by myself, as I always did, and I decided to stay late and do one of my fabulous displays with all these lovely chocolates. I took a bunch of the bigger foiled bunnies out of their boxes for effect, which was a bad move to start with but nowhere near the disaster to come. I built a beautiful floor and window display, it looked fantastic and I was very pleased with myself. I worked the following Monday at 10:30 (store opened at 8 but the deli girls handled the cash until I got in). A cheerful sunny day, I walked in expecting some praise and walked by a very silent, red faced Peter. He was a big, imposing man who scared the living crap out of most people at the best of times. As I approached the front of the store nobody would look at me and I felt Peter slowly following me a few feet back. Well hadn't all the lovely chocolates melted into a huge puddle in the window in the brilliant morning sun. Enough said. I learned many Austrian cuss words that morning.

I was so nutty about the store that when a customer was approaching the counter with say a can of pumpkin I would run and fix the hole in the shelf as they were coming towards the cash, that didn't always go over well, but again, people were very regular in that store and they got used to me. Most appreciated my speed at getting them through the line up I think.

All in all it was an interesting decade (18-27) and more than you ever needed to know about my career in retail. laugh.gif


July 12, 2011 - I just added some awesome feeds from Lucas Entertainment to the site... Continental Casanovas, Brief Encounters, Gotham Gaping, Sprayed and Laid, Glamorous Gigolos, Man Eaters and Rock Hard Rookies. This is a new generation of feeds and some really good stuff. It works on alot of different platforms and the quality is great. (Are you hearing the footsteps at your back AEBN? - time to roll out improved content delivery.)
Look for a couple more great feeds coming soon and the Originals are being retooled of course so watch for something new and interesting on that front as well.

Look at what arrived at my door today biggrin.gif It's a visual history of the American Presidency - a wealth of information in one place and a cartographers delight. I just love it and admire this guys work. I am debating commissioning him to do one on the NHL (National Hockey League) as he does work on demand.

If you like this type of thing check out his website - he has a few projects (all politics) completed and you can have a look online. I am not trying to sell these (I didn't dare sign up for his affiliate program with the nature of Tylersroom haha) I just think they're seriously neat.

user posted image


Vancouver CanucksAs bittersweet as the whole experience was with the hockey series aftermath and unbearable 7th game loss - I can still say I had the thrill of a lifetime at game 5 and celebrating with the massive jubilant crowd afterwards and I thank the Canucks for that and an incredible ride this season. The video I made I will watch years from now and still feel the amazing rush of that Friday night.

For those who said Vancouver wasn't tough enough... they were tough enough to make it to game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals - they just fell short by one game.

I will be back as enthusiastic as ever in September boys. Rest up, trade Schneider and get that muscle we need to protect our elite players for next year's run.

costumed-smiley-director.gif Go Canucks

Here's some pics around the garden and from Vancouver harbour. laugh.gif

June 12, 2011 - From Beautiful British Columbia which I miss dearly and now remember why... Well it's been a very bizarre Stanley Cup Finals series - close games with stellar goal tending performances in Vancouver that the Canucks won and one-sided blowouts in Boston with our goalie imploding. I went to game 5 as you know and well that was about the most exciting thing I have ever witnessed - the game and streets afterwards. I posted a video here but didn't want to jinx the Canucks so I took it down haha well that didn't help so I'm posting it again. It's raw and noisy but the excitement and euphoria on the street afterwards is very evident. Only Vancouver knows how to win a cup when they haven't actually won a cup lol.

I'm tired of hockey, I follow so closely and it's been such a long season, it can be draining. I obviously hope they win tonight but I won't be devastated if they don't (don't ruin the beautiful city boys and girls) - I can only thank them for giving me one of the biggest rushes of my life last Friday (not to mention I got laid. biggrin.gif).

Here's me sitting beside the most disappointing Olympic flame thingy (notice my non-impressed expression) haha - didn't matter the beauty of Stanley Park made up for it. Some trivia: Stanley Cup, Stanley Park - same Lord Stanley.

user posted image

user posted image

I have more pics to post, I took a nice horse drawn wagon ride through the park and was snapping away hehe but I'll get around to that later. Game 7 first.

New feeds are up btw, 7 feeds featuring Lucas Entertainment, I haven't had a great deal of time to review them I just tossed them up - hope they are good.

Here's the video:

Game 7 - this is what we live for. Go Canucks (Go Lou) - I believe.

June 1, 2011 - Hi guys, AEBN is close to the roll out of the new feeds, I am looking forward to that as new external feeds have been pretty slow in the coming this year so far. We are still waiting on Lucas Entertainment as well. Again, comments and questions about the site are always welcome. smile.gif

Update on my neck injury... I have an appointment with a neuro surgeon (finally) to find out if there is anything that can be done to the displaced 4th vertebrae and the pain. If not, I hope there is an affordable drug plan I can go on cause the drugs I'm using right now for pain relief are very expensive. Overall, as I said before, I'm now in the best health and shape of my life as a result of fighting back against the broken neck. If I put in a long day gardening or doing something physical I almost certainly pay for it that evening and sometimes right through the night and into the next day. It's taken along time but I am finally starting to get a grip on the cause/effect of this neural pain. biggrin.gif

I just bought a kewl old piano. It was delivered a week ago and now sits in my living room ready to be played. Unfortunately I don't know how to play it lol.

Well after a few days I can just about play "Imagine" by John Lennon fluidly. I need a beer or three in me and I can sing it too. I'm too timid when I'm sober and end up making mistakes with my fingers thinking about the singing too much.

I am learning "Let It Be" the way Paul played it next but found out the lower keys which that song uses are seriously out of pitch. So I need a piano tuner. arcadefreak.gif

If I am brave enough I might post a video, that is sure to embrrass me later, of me playing and singing that song in a few weeks.Scared

Vancouver CanucksAnd here we are!! Game one of the Stanley Cup finals and my beloved Canucks are back to the big show for the first time in 17 years and third time in their 40 year history. Vancouver has been racking up titles lately - Henrik Sedin won the scoring title for 2010, twin brother Daniel won the scoring title this year. Henrik won the Hart trophy as leagues most valuable player last year, this year Daniel is nominated. Loungo (goalie), Ryan Kesler (our Mark Messier) and Alain Vignealt (coach) are all finalists for individual trophies as well.

But what's missing and has been missing for 40 years is the big one. The Stanley Cup.

Here's some interesting Canadian trivia which adds to the sense that the hockey Gods are lining up and this is Vancouver's year finally.

1976 - Montreal hosts Summer Olympics; 1977 - Montreal Canadiens finish first AND win the Stanley Cup.
1988 - Calgary hosts Winter Olympics; 1989 - Calgary Flames finish first AND win the Stanley Cup.
2010 - Vancouver hosts Winter Olympics; 2011 - Vancouver Canucks finish first AND ????

I am sooo excited - I have tickets for game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals at Rogers Arena in Vancouver on June 10. I'm off to Vancouver on the 9th. biggrin.gif

In the worst case scenario Boston will sweep the Canucks in 4 then I get my money back and stay home. dry.gif Best case scenario the Canucks win in 5. biggrin.gif Any other scenario I'm just excited to be going back to Vancouver and have the chance to see a finals game.

The tickets were ridiculously expensive but I have cheered for this team since I was a kid. I cannot imagine if the Canucks happen to win in 5 games and being there for that... 1000 orgasms laugh.gif

I will take lots of pics of my trip!

The puck drops at 8 pm tonight I could not be more excited!
I said when we beat Chicago in round one in one of the most exciting series of hockey I have ever witnessed that this WAS the Stanley Cup final - I stick by that.

Here's some pics around the garden from this spring. laugh.gif


February 16, 2011 - Hi guys,

Falcon Studios has been acquired by AEBN and the Falcon feeds we have on this site will no longer be available after February 28th. If you haven't looked at them then the next two weeks is the time to get your fill. smile.gif

Speaking of AEBN they have finally turned their attention to their feeds and are working on upgrades so watch for some major improvements over the next few months.

The new downloads site is getting alot of use and the feedback has been great so I am now in the process of turning the Originals into a searchable Tylersroom Downloadstube-style site as well. The various sizes including the massive "super" video (1920 X 1080) will still be available in an improved delivery system.

Also watch for the Originals to feature mostly models from the US and Canada this year although we will still have some hot boys from Prague in the line up. The section might separate into two different sections as time goes by but that's not in the immediate future.

New feeds featuring Lucas Entertainment content are coming soon as well.

As always complaints, comments and questions welcome.


On a personal note my medical stuff is mostly sorted out. I'm feeling really good and between seeing the chiropractor, not smoking and loads of exercise I'm in the best health and physical shape I've ever been in. Unfortunately sometimes it takes a life changing event before we wake up and start to really look after ourselves. I can't wait for spring and will definitely be out in the gardens taking pictures soon. biggrin.gif

Seems we have a star in tennis emerging from Canada in Milos Raonic. He's fun to watch and it's been decades since Canada has had a singles player even remotely competitive on the world stage so it's extra kewl. He made a name for himself at the Aussie Open this year reaching the 4th round in scrappy fashion and following it up with his first ATP tour win in San Jose (SAP) last week. I'm greatly loooking forward to seeing him play in the summer tournaments including the Canadian Open.

Vancouver CanucksCan't end this without bringing up my Canucks. On paper this team is just plain awesome. At this point in the season (56 games in) they lead the league in goals for AND have the least goals against plus top power play AND penalty kill. They lead the western conference by 9 points and the league by 4.

The Sedin twins are currently sitting 2nd and 3rd in the scoring race and odds are Daniel is going to overtake Stamkos for the lead and win the scoring title this year matching Henrik's accomplishment in Daniel's injury shortened season last year. Daniel and Henrik SedinDaniel could even be considered in the running for the Hart MVP Trophy (like his brother also won last year) although another Canuck, Ryan Kesler, could be considered for that as well as he sits 2nd in goals in the league and is almost a shoe in for the Selke trophy (best defence minded offenceman) this year.

With all this power Vancouver should be the runaway favourite for the Stanley Cup but it's been 40 years without and a reputation as chokers so until that monkey takes a hit and is knocked off the Canucks back they haven't accomplished anything. This year feels different though, the players themselves will tell you that, this is a team on a mission and anything short of the cup will feel hollow and empty this year.

Tyler action-smiley-whole-waving.gif

January 21, 2011 - As some of you know I have a large fish pond on my property I made a few years back that is about 7 feet deep and keeps hundreds of fish in it all year round. I have a heater that keeps a hole in the ice so the CO2 can escape.

Anyway, I woke up to what looked like a nuclear explosion in my pond on the weekend, a cow had fallen in and the farmer next door had to bring his tractor to help haul him/her out. What a ruckus and what a mess - I don't know how bad the damage was cause everything froze in place fairly quickly afterwards. Anyway just thought I'd share - I wish I'd taken a picture.

jezyk1.gif Cowsicle.

January 18, 2011 - The Recession hits everybody....

I got a pre-declined credit card in the mail.

Wives are having sex with their husbands because they can't afford batteries.

CEO's are now playing miniature golf.

Exxon-Mobil laid off 25 Congressmen.

A stripper was killed when her audience showered her with rolls of pennies while she danced.

I saw a Mormon polygamist with only one wife.

If the bank returns your check marked "Insufficient Funds," you call them and ask if they meant you or them.

McDonald's is selling the 1/4 ouncer.

Angelina Jolie adopted a child from America .

Parents in Beverly Hills fired their nannies and learned their children's names.

A truckload of Americans was caught sneaking into Mexico .

A picture is now only worth 200 words.

When Bill and Hillary travel together, they now have to share a room.

The Treasure Island casino in Las Vegas is now managed by Somali pirates.

Congress says they are looking into this Bernard Madoff scandal. Oh Great! The guy who made $50 Billion disappear is being investigated by the people who made $1.5 Trillion disappear!

And, finally...

I was so depressed last night thinking about the economy, wars, jobs, my savings, Social Security, retirement funds, etc., I called the Suicide Hotline. I got a call center in Pakistan , and when I told them I was suicidal, they got all excited, and asked if I could drive a truck.


January 15, 2011 - Dire StraitsOn banning the Dire Straits song 'Money For Nothing' 20 years after the fact for the use of the word "faggot"... The political correctness in my country is really nauseating.

As far as I know "faggot" as Mark Knopfler meant it, is being spoken by a bigoted person looking at the excesses in the music industry.

When silly laws and rulings are thrust upon me, as a single Canadian, I just don't abide by them. In a similar manner apparently lots of radio stations are just disregarding the silliness and playing the uncensored song (in heavy rotation to boot) like you said.

One thing I can say I'm happy about is the hoopla reminded me of how much I liked "Brothers In Arms" - especially the title track. I haven't listened to it in ages even though I've owned it as a CD and an LP multiple times before. I definitely had the version with "faggot" in it and it never bothered me in the slightest. As a matter of fact until now I had never even thought about it before. I always knew the context in which it was being used I guess.

Downloading it from iTunes as I type and looking forward to listening to it this evening. biggrin.gif


The year is 2000, the first year of the second millennium, the first year of the 21st century. In Canada, the Liberal Party increases its majority in the House of Commons and Jean Chretien is re-elected as Prime Minister of Canada. To the south, in the US, a Texas Governor is elected President and a former First Lady is elected to the US Senate, a first. It’s also a leap year, and a shy guy from British Columbia leaps onto the internet with a small site broadcasting from his bedroom. Tyler’s Room is created on 15 November 2000. What was the site like? Were there any feeds? Sounds like the initial site was free, was it?


The Texas Governor is sworn in as President of the US. The Canadian Prime Minister is the first foreign leader to visit the new President. Meanwhile, over 2 million people have visited Tyler’s Room. So much traffic the website comes to a slow crawl. The site is redesigned. Much of the little snippets of code, that make the site pretty, are abandoned in hopes of faster loading and delivery. Tyler’s Room is now on a dedicated server. It also becomes a private site. New feeds are added to the line up. Who remembers “Our Guys” or “Naked Male Studios”? Tyler is feeling confident about his site.


Canada brings home the gold for both men’s and women’s hockey in the Winter Olympics. Tyler vows “to go right to the top of the pack this year, bringing you everything gay and sexy the internet and porn industry has to offer.” Someone wants gold of his own. The website goes through two complete re-designs . . . in four weeks. Purple, what was I thinking? Tyler promises not to re-design the site for a few months. Bottom Boys and Ass Hounds join the line up. They are the cream of the crop at the time. Video encoded directly from high quality DVDs. Who knew how far we would come.


British Columbia begins to permit same sex marriages. Tyler moves back to Ontario. The Northeast of the US has the largest blackout in history. But the lights come back, as do the feeds “Our Guys” and “Live and Raw.” New gay internet sites start emerging, owned and operated by straight people. Tyler’s Room affirms it is gay owned and operated. There has always been a promise by Tyler’s Room to provide the best quality material. A new mission is begun to make use of gay material produced by gay people. Along the way come two hot feeds “SexGaymes” and “Cruiser Boys.” By years end, a newly relocated Tyler can be overheard saying; “Holy crap there’s a lot of snow.”


Britney Spears gets marriage annulled less than 55 hours later, and gay marriage will ruin the institution. Janet Jackson is exposed. San Francisco begins issuing same sex marriage licenses. The Pittsburgh Penguins set a record for home game loses. Canada still has the best hockey. Video Downloads are added to Tyler’s Room. The forum is jumping and people are talking up a storm. A new cam to cam option is installed, then another. The most for the least with the friendliest webmaster is drawing a crowd. Tyler predicts someone named Obama will be president of the Unites States in 2008. Online friends around the world are a joy, and needed. Tyler experiences personal tragedy with the loss of his beloved Blackie. A few months later, Bandit is welcomed with open arms. How strange is fate? Blackie’s original name was Bandit on paper. Is this divine providence?


Canada introduces the Civil Marriage Act, making it the fourth country sanction same-sex marriage. Ontario sees several tornadoes. Hurricane Katrina hits the US Gulf Coast. The first same sex civil partnerships are celebrated in Scotland. Tyler’s Room celebrates five years on line. The NHL 2004-2005 season is canceled due to a labor dispute. Cows invade the forum. Tyler announces his retirement, then recants. Original material appears in Tyler’s Room.


Western Union stops telegram services. The Canadian House of Commons endorses Prime Minister Stephen Harper's motion to declare Québécois a nation within a unified Canada. The population in the United States reaches 300 million people. Wild Gay College Parties joins the line up at Tyler’s Room. The Originals sees its first duo action video. A text version of the site is made available, as well as a wider page. Over seventy percent of members use the wider page. A barbeque is held. By years end someone discovers a Super Bee. Surprise, muscle cars and snow don’t mix. A new jeep is found in the driveway.


Apple announces the iPhone. In Sydney, Australia, 2.2 million people participate in the first ever Earth Hour. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II becomes the oldest ever monarch of the United Kingdom. Tyler is dizzy, but who didn’t know that. He is diagnosed with Meniere's Disease. Ryan and Jason appear to help out a frazzled Tyler. Tyler claims “white guys can’t dance.” The Dodge Challenger is making a come back, hmmm. The Video Downloads, Originals, and Selected Sets are redesigned with larger thumbs for easier browsing. Jake Cruise moves into Tyler’s Room. In total, twenty five high quality feeds are added to Tyler’s Room. The place is quite crowded.


Toshiba announces its formal recall of its HD DVD video formatting, ending the format war between it and Sony's Blu-Ray Disc. Bill Gates steps down as Chairman of Microsoft Corporation. Barack Obama becomes the first African-American to be nominated by a major political party for President of the United States. The RMS Queen Elizabeth 2 (QE2) set sail on her final voyage to Dubai. Meanwhile Tyler’s Room is sailing along with 775 videos available in the Video Downloads, 132 exclusive videos in Originals, and 180,000 pictures in Selected Sets. Someone gets a Challenger.


America gets its first African-American President. Iceland elects the first ever openly gay Head of State. Chrysler applied for bankruptcy. Good thing someone is buying Dodge. The Olympic Torch arrives in Canada in preparation of the Winter Games. The Gay Porn Portal is added to Tyler’s Room, containing 38 more feeds, 4 HD feeds, and numerous flash games. Tyler is an Asperger. Tyler quits smoking. Tyler finally gets his drivers license.


Originals updated with DVD quality video with a 1280x 720 ‘super’ sized version. Tyler’s Room has gone mobile. Ryan leaves. Vancouver, home of someone's beloved Canucks, host the Winter Olympics. A great show is put on for the world . . . and capped by a goal seen around the world. Yip, he made me put that in. Tyler breaks his neck. Laroux joins Tyler's Room and helps Tyler out after his accident. Tyler, confined to bed most of the time, works furiously with Laroux's help on a new design for the site.


Thanks Laroux for that condensed version of my blog spanning the past ten years.

Guys I never ever imagined I'd webmaster let alone own a porn website but what a ride it's been. I want to thank every single person who has helped me with my site in any way over the past ten years, including Ryan whose service was invaluable for three years and now Laroux who bailed me out in my time of need. Most of all I want to thank every single member who has belonged to my site (over 50,000 of you now) for your loyalty and support. Not sure I wanna take credit for getting you off so we'll just leave it at that hehe.

A HUGE thank you to everyone -Tyler


Ooctober, 2010 - Still waiting for surgery. dry.gif But you know I can't keep my mouth shut about politics. rolleyes.gif To my conservative friends, don't take any offence and let's do lunch again soon. Babs has this one locked up. smile.gif The Governorship of CA is going Democrat too. Meg could have spent all those gazillions feeding the hungry instead. Come on Californians Vote YES on Prop 19. mmmm.gif

That raving lunatic Sharon Angle won't beat Reid in NV - his GOTV is in motion now and he's catching up fast- same for Sestak over Toomey in PA, even Russ Feingold is making a race out of it in Wisconsin although that one might be out of reach. The Connecticut race is not even close, McMahon can go back to her wrestlers. I do like the way the US mostly rejects people trying to buy seats on both sides.

Dems lead by 10% in early polling.

Are the Dems going to lose seats? Absolutely - that's just historical "throw the bums out" US politics. I think they will lose the house but not by a huge margin and then we'll see how that twit Boehner does leading a gridlocked congress. No doubt president Obama is secretly hoping for a Republican house, a foil as it were for 2012. It is very unlikely the Republicans will accomplish anything if they do take over so in 2012 he will be able to run against the "do-nothing Congress". The Senate will stay in Democratic control but will also be gridlocked. Obama will veto any attempt to undermine health care.

Here's a recent quote from Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell "What we can fairly conclude, even before the votes are counted on November 2, is that America is not interested in becoming France". Health care and higher education paid for, fabulous food, and seven weeks of paid vacation a year? Yip, that would be a nightmare, Mitch.

The nutcases the tea party have running in this cycle is truly heartening for Democrats. The Republicans will surely win the White House with Palin leading them or some other fringe character. Imagine the in-fighting the social conservatives are gonna have with the fiscal conservatives - it will be a blood bath. All one needs to do is LISTEN to Sarah Palin speak and if you can defend that stupidity well then I don't know what to say. She is an outright opportunist and I can't wait to behold her impending run at the Presidency and the nasty primary that fractures the right.

The main stream media is constantly showing a Palin rally and then an Obama rally and they look the same. Meanwhile a Palin appearance in Anaheim or Florida can pack 2,000, President Obama has been drawing 10's of thousands including 37,000 in Ohio and 28,000 in Pennsylvania in the past few days. I hope the Republicans underestimate Obama and the media keeps portraying Palin as some equal power. In reality the tea party is totally disorganized on the ground and don't have a coherant platform of any sort.

This election cycle is turning out to be very interesting. All this crap about Republican voter enthusiasm versus Democrat is just silly, of course it's not gonna be a turn out like 2008, midterms never are. The Democrats however are not going to take the massive tidal wave of slaughter the Republicans have been peeing themselves over.

From my Canadian viewpoint The Tea Party are a bunch of bigots. Right wing loonies screaming that Obama is a Muslim. We don't see non-Christians calling presidents "Christian" as if it were an insult. So, why are supposed Christians name calling the president "Muslim" as if that would be an evil omen. It's pure religious bigotry, then again I just heard that there is no separation of church and state in the constitution (See O'Donnell ® DE) so maybe it's OK to be a nation of bigots. Why is Obama called a Muslim when this pseudo insult is not used against any other major Democrats now or in the past. I see one reason, he's not white.

To quote the man who signed the TARP bailout, the November Republican/Tea Bagger tidal wave, bring it on.

September 15, 2010 - I'm still waiting for my surgery and am managing pretty well. I'm getting stronger by the day and have some decent results from exercising (carefully). I still have phantom pain in my hands and wrists, especially in the evening, but I'm getting used to it somewhat.

My left arm is a mess though and I'm going to see a chiropractor on Friday to see if there's something more going on with that than we initially thought. When I rotate my shoulder 360 degrees there's a click noise and clunk feeling in the same spot every turn. It's actually audible and brings to mind a ball joint missing some balls (stifle yerself Rox). I can do a dumbell curl with my left arm with 30 pounds, not far off my normal, but try and raise something over my head and the left arm drops it at that spot everytime.

We'll see if the chiropractor can find something. He knows not to go near my neck - he has all my xrays etc and said he wouldn't go near shards but he's willing to check my shoulder and my ankle which still isn't right as well.

Day to day life is not that unusual right now though. smile.gif

August 26, 2010 - From Laroux:
"While I don't profess to be a neurologist (yet), I do have a wee bit more info on the condition. I just hope I don't respond without going overboard. (So Tyler, stop reading just in case.)

Surgery on the neck (if performed) will most definitely help the T with the arm/hand issues. I'm only saying 'if performed' as the real life doctors have to get in there and see what it looks like. Remember he has only been in a country hospital so far, not the technologically advanced hospital in a city.

If you were to look at him, there is not a mark on either arm, nor hand. They were not injured directly. Just flailed about wildly as he ran around like a chicken without a head. Okay, that last bit was for my own giggles. biggrin.gif

If you remember from ckz's initial post "he damaged (compressed) the vertebrae in his neck and shattered one of them." The compressed vertebrae are actually pinching on the nerve(s) that pass through them. Without going too much into how the nerves work, I am fascinated by all I am reading rolleyes.gif , this compression actually created a sort of roadblock for the little electrical impulses passing between his noggin and his hands.

His brain is actually only receiving the electronic impulses caused by the compression of the nerve in the vertebrae. He does say he feels hot/cold and can feel touch, so the nerve(s) are not completely cut off.

In my mind, I have it compared to telephone lines. Hey, leave me alone, it's my background. There is an individual line to each person's house, they join and become bundled at a central office, the central office passes them on in a trunk line - thousands of individual lines grouped together. Part of his trunk is pinched.

An operation to relieve this "pinching" will bring some immediate relief. How much is unknown. Whether they do the operation is right now unknown. But neuroscience has grown in leaps and bounds, and micro surgery with the use of lasers is absolutely amazing.

He just needs to get that tattooed butt of his in the more technologically advanced hospital."

August 24, 2010 - I'm at home and waiting on my operation still. Doc advised me to be ready on one day's notice so I have my designated driver and packed bag in place. smile.gif

I'm managing the pain alright - but I'm on an anti-depressant to counteract the effects of the lirica, numerous blood pressure pills and a drug they give to violent inmates and unruly rioters lol which is supposed to help the muscles in my left arm and shoulder that have little feeling left in them. All in all these drugs are making me very weak. I'm getting very tired of it, being a person who never even took aspirin before this all started. Oddly enough I'm better when I'm moving around (slowly) than when I'm sitting or lying down.

The thing I dread the most is not the neck pain nor the numbness it's the nasty pain in my hands and wrists that comes on fast and seemingly with no patterns other than it affects me mostly in the evenings and overnight. First my knuckles get sore (that's the warning) then within ten minutes my hands feel like someone has poured boiling oil on them. No drug they've given me is fast enough to prevent it and I have to endure this for 15 minutes or so while the pain killer takes effect.

One positive thing to come out of this is I haven't been able to drink beer for weeks and have decided not to drink anymore. I'm as resolute about this as I was about quitting smoking almost a year ago now. The habits and patterns have been broken. cool.gif

I might go stay with my sister in Ottawa while I wait, I will decide on that tomorrow. Hopefully, though, my next post will be from a hospital bed in Ottawa.


August 20, 2010 - Hello,

Thanks for all the kind words, emails and snail mails mates. I will try and reply to everyone as soon as I can.

This has been a crazy three weeks for me and I'm not done yet. I'm still waiting patiently (pun intended) to find out when I go to Ottawa for surgery. I've been advised it will likely be a three week long or more adventure. Normally I would pass on such a thing but I cannot wait until they fix me.

I bashed my neck up which has rendered my arms and hands just about useless right now. My left arm has almost no feeling in it and is constantly pouring coffee down my shirt and dropping my fork. My real arm points and laughs.

I also fractured my ankle although nobody realized at first. Probably because I was screaming at them about the phantom pain in my arms. It's such a strange pain, nerve pain, before anyone knew what was wrong with me the nurses would look at me like I was half crazy as I would tell them my skin was burning and yet it looked totally normal. The pain is like every single possible sensation going off at once in your arms and hands; burning, itching, freezing, aching - and yet it's not real it's the neck sending incorrect messages to the brain - it's bloody awful.

At the beginning they were pumping me full of a morphine based drug called dalada but I soon got immune to that and started needing it every hour. My favorite nurse sat with me late one night and asked me to describe exactly how I felt. She told me the next morning she had written many pages of recommendations for my assigned doctor. One of the things she recommended was an obscure drug called lirica and did that not finally give me relief. It makes me very weak but it keeps the pain mostly at bay - although mornings are still brutal now that I can make it through the whole night.

For the first few days I used one of these little juice-like containers to have a pee in. Pretty undignified but I guess dignity had already left the building. What nobody told me was that I could unplug my IV thingy and hobble with it to the terlet on battery power, I felt like a free man the day I discovered that. I even asked a nurse one day if I could disconnect the tube near my arm, where there was a connector, while I went to the bathroom, and she said most certainly not so pee container it was at that point.

I came in with blood pressure at 210/120 which alarmed everyone so they put me on medication for that too and now it's down around 160/120, not great but better.

And then there was this big butch nurse that asked me if I wanted a shower a few days into my ordeal. I thought that sounded good so she helped me to my feet and I hobbled my way down the hall with the aid of her and another. The door to the big wet-room style washroom closed behind me, I turned around and she was still there, the big butch nurse. She told me to strip down and then made me sit in this thing that looked like a terlet on wheels. She rolled me into the shower area and proceeded to hose me down, even my unmentionables. That was traumatizing, very, very traumatizing.

I'm a little better now or a little better medicated or both but I was quite the sight earlier, hands up like a Michael Jackson zombie, head tilted to one side, shaking and dragging one foot. People just rolled their eyes and you just know they were thinking 'crackhead'. Speaking of rolling eyes, one morning my neck was in particular pain and I was sort of contorting around the bed - legs draped over the end, body crossways, head hanging off the edge - anything for relief, a nurse walked in, looked at me, rolled her eyes and walked back out. OK I was being a titch over-dramatic but it hurt. That particular nurse ended up being my favorite.

Anyways, gotta go for now.



August 12, 2010 - From Laroux:
Alright guys untwist yer knickers.

I am in contact with the Tyler. I have been since Saturday when I contacted him and offered my assistance with the site. I've helped in the past, and I am helping through this. As I told him, even if we are not speaking, I will still have his back. How does that song go . . . "when a tornado meets a volcano."

Even when we don't speak, I respect his privacy. However, I do have his permission to provide what little updating there is.

Basically nothing has changed since ck's original post here. Tyler is still in the local hospital. He is in good hands. His arms are usable. but he tires easily and experiences mucho pain. Not a good situation when you are running an on-line business.

He apologizes for not appearing here, and thanking you all for the well wishes, but he doesn't have the ability to do so yet. Things are moving forward, but it is slow and incremental as should be expected.

As to what happened, it is in the past. It happened. Nothing is going to change it.

As to the bit of levity on my part. I apologize to anyone who took exception. I know he does peek in from time to time . . . probably with the aid of one of those hunky male nurses you wished on him . . . and the comment about the legs was meant for him. If I can make him giggle, I will. If I piss you off, you are not the patient right now, sorry.

BTW, he also got a giggle out of next weeks Video Download, "Gay Day Hospital."

When he is in better condition, he will come to share more. In the meantime, here is a current picture of the patient showing he is in one piece and doing well. Notice he is still drinking his Tim's. And if you look closely, you will see some bruises . . . besides needing a haircut.

August 5, 2010 - From CKZ:
Hey boys,

I live in Tyler's hometown and I know what's going on with him.

Last Friday he was in an accident and among other things he damaged (compressed) the vertebrae in his neck and shattered one of them. This has caused major issues with his arms.

He is scheduled for surgery in Ottawa in a few weeks and in the meantime is in the local hospital undergoing physio rehab and pain management (partially because of the hot coffee I poured on his injured hands unsure.gif).

He regrets not being able to look after his website as usual and hopes with some help things will be back to normal next week.

He asked me to thank you guys for the many emails and words of support. I will update this thread as he asks me to.


June 28, 2010 - My sister and I were sitting discussing business with my account manager in a CIBC bank in a mall in Ottawa last Wednesday when the sound of a train startled us. My account manager looked me in the face as I mumbled "earthquake", and indeed next came 12-15 seconds of jarring ground shaking. The look of horror on my account manager's face was something I'll never forget, it was the first day her young kids were home off school for the summer. Everyone evacuated the building and stood in the parking lot trying to use cellphones, us included. I managed to get some texts out although cell service was spotty to say the least. After chatting with some folks in my hometown (100 miles away) and Toronto (400 miles away), and finding out they had felt it, I realized for Ottawa this was a pretty big earthquake.
We were let back in the mall about an hour later although we weren't allowed back in the bank for some time. It turned out to be a 5.5 about 60 miles from the city, which is not a huge earthquake of course, but there was some serious damage in Quebec at the epicenter including a bridge that fell into the Ottawa river and some broken glass and cracked buildings throughout Ottawa. I was living on Vancouver Island during the big Seattle quake in 2001 so I recognized the "train" sound right away, this felt nowhere near as violent as that one was, even though I was hundreds of miles away from the epicenter then. It was truly startling though as Ottawa and area is not an earthquake zone and it really got me thinking what it would be like to be right in the middle of a big one like Chile or Haiti of last year. Scary. scared2.gif

I made some changes to the site - part of a process to make my site ipad friendly. I have never been a fan of Apple, mainly because of endless compatibility issues, although I know Microsoft causes a huge part of the problem. Anyway I bought one to make sure my site would work with it and it mostly does now although there's some little design glitches that are driving me insane but don't compromise overall usability. Why this ipad is not able to render flash is truly beyond me and the lack of USB ports makes it very insular - not to mention it won't allow you to use third party softwares. dry.gif Besides that it's actually a nifty little thing!

Also coming soon we're working hard on a mobile friendly version of the site - tylersroom.mobi. This will have our own features and several feeds that will be available for mobile. It won't include the entire site but will be an extra section for mobile users to access. I can't imagine watching porn on my Blackberry but ya know whatever floats your boat hehe. tongue.gif

Here's some pics around the garden from this spring and summer so far! laugh.gif


May 9, 2010 - Just a quick note to say hi and to tell you there are some awesome new things in the pipeline including some Bluray video feeds that will really impress! The Originals have been awesome if you haven't checked lately, the 'Super' version of the videos are high definition (HD), 9000i resolution and 1920 X 1280 in dimension! You can burn them to a DVD for a High Def experience like no other! We're proud to offer such cutting edge quality - the best in the porn industry! thumbsup.gif

Here's some pics around the garden from this spring. More soon!laugh.gif


February 28, 2010 - I have always loved the winter Olympic games (there's stuff about Turin and Salt Lake City in this blog) but these games were so much more special in my own country and my favorite city in the world! The opening ceremonies just blew me away and now the closing ceremonies are due up this evening. sad.gif The USA (our neighbours biggrin.gif ) had an awesome Olympics, especially their amazing Alpine team! Canada, well we broke the all-time most gold medals at a single games record with 14 awesome gold performances! Holy man have we got some patriotism going - every city, every town, every street - we are one happy and proud nation! We've spent so many years sort of hanging our mantra on being proud NOT to be American - something has happened this past decade, maybe our work in Afghanistan and all our lost soldiers, not sure, but this Olympics has brought my country together like never before in my lifetime and even if it's just been a temporary break in our normally aloof way - I'm thoroughly PROUD to be a Canadian!

What do I need to say about hockey. A gold medal game for the ages. biggrin.gif

Some of the many hilites for me were... Joannie Rochette skating to a bronze medal days after her Mother's unexpected death, she was truly golden to all of us. I am not a big fan of ice dancing but I definitely saw how good those two Canadians, Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, skated - talk about in synch with each other during that spinning part. Charles Hamelin and the awesome reaction of his girlfriend Marianne St. Gelais (who also medaled) when he won the gold medal in the 500M short track speedskating! Jon Montgomery drinking a pitcher of beer during his victory walk through Whistler for his gold medal in skeleton. Shaun White's preformance in the pike was just plain stunning. I could go on and on but likely you were watching too! thumbsup.gif

trink40.gif Gotta love curling - you tell me in what other sport can you drink beer while you play! Did you know there's only one place in the world, somewhere in Scotland, they can get the granite from to make those rocks so they don't break and they sweat enough whatever that means and - brace yourselves everyone - they are running oot! Curling is doomed! Big congrats to both our women's and men's teams! Silver and gold respectively.ohmy.gif

A couple of low points for me was the women's hockey - how painful is that to watch. Disappointed.gif It is so completely uncompetitive - only the US women's team can challenge Canada - all other teams get beaten 20-0. If the rest of the world was catching up slowly fine but they're not - it's going the opposite way. Time to dump women's hockey from the Olympics. ph34r.gif And I feel almost blasphemous for saying this and I'm glad we won our first gold and all - and I was totally caught up in the moment but - I have a very strange fascination with Dale Begg-Smith, I have for many years now since I lived In BC, and I think he actually won that race handily as do alot of people. He made no errors whatsoever and Alexandre Bilodeau did make a few but like figure skating we have to take the word of the judges. unsure.gif

Silly moments... halfpipe bronze medalist Scotty Lagos (USA) sent home early cause these 'racy' pictures of him surfaced on the net. I mean really! he's a snowboarder, give me a break - poor guy, just having some fun. Sexy tattoo!


Sad moment of course the extremely tragic death of the Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili who should have been here tonight representing his country at the closing ceremonies.sad.gif

HD videos of the opening ceremony for anyone who missed it or wants to see it again as well as some memorable TV commercials are here... Opening Ceremony Videos.

Thanks Canada - that was some show!


January 31, 2010 - Hey guys (and gals) make sure you check out the Originals - the latest updates are awesome quality and I added an option of a large 1280 X 720 (7000 bitrate/720p) "super" version which is perfect for burning to DVD and watching on a large display! Jaro and Miro make for a hot couple, Miro clearly loves to bottom. This week's guy Tomas has a beautiful round butt and sexy eyes! Even the non-member preview videos are hot and in HD so be sure to check them out! There are many more hot originals in the pipeline. I have been going over the website and making some changes to aid in navigation etc and there will be lots of new additions and interesting things coming up over the next few months so watch for those. As always any suggestions are welcome, you can email me here.

After three years of working for Tylersroom, Ryan has moved on to pursue new things. I would like to thank him for his help over the years and of course his friendship. I wish him all the best in his new endeavors. Meilleur de chance dans instruit Ryan et votre carrière future! I will be introducing a new Tylersroom guy here and on the forum soon and look forward to his participation.

If you don't know who these guys are then you're probably not a hockey fan. The Sedin twins play for my Vancouver Canucks and Henrik is the top scorer in the league right now and could become the first ever Vancouver Canuck to win the Hart Trophy (most points in the regular season). His identical brother Daniel is right on pace to be tied with Henrik (like he did last year exactly LOL) but he missed the first 20 games with a foot injury. Add Alex Burrows to the mix (he surely must have some Sedin DNA hehe) and you have the league's best line by far. Watching the twins play is surreal, I have been watching hockey since I was a kid and never have I seen two players so in synch with each other - not even Gretzky and Kurri. It's uncanny and super fun to watch! Henrik and Daniel have been very underated and are just getting better and better every year, I think they're going to get lots of attention soon. Then there's Ryan Kesler's line and Luongo in net and well it's looking really promising this year for Vancouver - first the Olympics then the Stanlety Cup - yup, that sounds just fine to me.

I updated my Canada page (that page dates back ten years :P) with a kewl video by maritime rappers Classified - their take on 'O Canada' - it's well done and certain to bring out some patriotism in my fellow Canadians. Thanks to Zonato for posting that on the forum. laugh.gif

Here's some winter pics! laugh.gif


December 4, 2009 - Unlike 'balloon boy' and 'WH party crashers' et al, Susan Boyle was a delightful story this year and worth every bit of the attention it garnered.

I received her album today from Amazon and not only does it live up to the hype it exceeds it and then some.

She does 12 diverse songs and nails every single one of them. Man, her rendition of 'Wild Horses' by The Rolling Stones (her professed personal fave in the liner notes) brings a tear to my eye, Mick Jagger said he must have written the song for Susan all those years ago they just never met. I would tend to agree hehe.

'Cry me a River' is breathtaking in it's intensity. The hymn 'How Great Thou Art' (one of my Mum's favorites) is breathy and inspirational. Her take on 'Daydream Believer' is cute. 'Amazing Grace', well that's just the sound of a siren of ethereal Scottish fields and well - just amazing. The only original song on the album, written for Susan by Audra Mae is yet another stand out, 'Who I Was Born To Be' has some nice lyrics and fits right in with all of these timeless classics. She closes with 'Silent Night' - hauntingly beautiful with her leading the choir.

She has some slightly rough edges in her delivery and that coupled with her playful Scottish accent is what makes this better I believe than a more polished singer would ever have done with this collection.

The song, that of course is her signature, is in no way better than her other offerings but it stands out simply for the sweet fairytale that is the discovery of Susan Boyle. Hearing the wonderful orchestra follow her into a spell-binding crescendo as she sings 'I Dreamed A Dream' made the hair on my neck stand up. Again.

Having smashed sales records already I will be surprised if this collection of songs does not end up as one of the top ten best selling albums of all time.

user posted image

I can't believe this decade is coming to an end. ohmy.gif

It's certainly been an interesting one for me but that's another post hehe.

This is simply a question...

We had the nineties, the seventies, the twenties etc - what will this decade be called? The zeroes? laugh.gif dry.gif



November 22, 2009 - I had an interesting conversation with someone about Asperger's Syndrome the other day which inspired me to revisit this subject.

In this conversation something I hear about alot came up. The currently "fashionable" aspect of Asperger's Syndrome, it's use in characters on television and in movies as well as celebrities and the like coming forward to say that they too have the syndrome. There is even rumours of how it will be taken off the official list of Pervasive Developmental Disorders - this doesn't mean it doesn't exist - this is an attempt to re-classify the syndrome which is probably a good thing from what I've learned. I even read where one person said "You have to volunteer for the diagnosis or it won't work" WTF!

I am a cynic, I'm a realist and I fight with anything abstract - always have. I had never even heard of this syndrome (I barely even knew what Autism was other than I thought it was a children's thing) before I was diagnosed and I never sought out the diagnosis. I was getting help for a creeping cocaine problem and this is what led to the Asperger's discovery. I ignored it the first week, the second week the word 'Aspergers' stuck with me, after the third week I was googling and reading on my own. I found the article from the lady at CNN from my original post and that was my cathartic moment. I knew something was going on.

The reason, in my mind, people are making light of Asperger's Syndrome is because of the symptoms - there are a zillion manifestations of the symptoms. Going by just that everyone could be an Aspie in one way or another. "I hate driving in the city, it overwhelms me, therefore I'm an Aspie", "I have days I can't stand being around people - I must be an Aspie", "I don't like crowds - Aspie.". This is a pile of bunk - you have to learn the traits which cause the widely assorted symptoms in a group of vastly different personalities. A group is made up of a series of associated traits or characteristics not symptoms. If you have one trait of an Aspergers person you are not part of the group - you must have almost ALL the traits which is how the group was formed in the first place - in this case based on studies done in the 40s by Hans Asperger who saw this cluster of characteristics as very distinct. I might sound combative about this but I NEVER went looking for this and when something so matter of factly describes and answers life long puzzles and questions for you it's hard to hear a non-Aspie make light of it based on some false information and "band wagon" weirdos. Why would anyone want to have social deficiencies and super hyper-sensitive senses?

Try going through your life hating to be touched yet being as horny as any other red-blooded human. Finally I know the secret! I always needed to seek out solitude so I could rock in peace without looking like a twit - slider chairs have been my saviour - I know why now and don't feel so foolish about it anymore. I can't just randomly go somewhere, I have to know my exact route, right down to which streets I will turn left on and which aisles of the store I will go down - I preplan all this and just figured everyone did that. No wonder a driving test is so very difficult for me not knowing until seconds before which way I'm supposed to be going. I have an obsessive need to put periods of my life in exact chronological order in my mind/memory before I fall asleep at night - I thought this was what everyone did, counting sheep so to speak. I can't take people dropping in on me and invariably don't answer the door - even a phone call when not expected can throw me right off and usually goes unanswered. I could go on and on but as I said taking just one of these things on its own does not make up a person living with Aspergers - it's a cluster of genetic characteristics. Can we all have a label for our personalities? Possibly, but that's not the point, this is not a "personality type" it's a learning and maturing disability that is well documented. Unless you're an Aspie, my brain is wired differently than yours and I get through my life differently than you get through yours. Again I'm not talking symptoms or preferences - yes everybody gets through life in their own way - I'm talking fundamental social behaviour and patterns that distinctively distinguish a person living with Asperger's Syndrome.

I said I would reflect on how it has affected my life and in all honesty it has, quite substantially and in some unexpected ways. I met one VERY cute Aspie through my blog post who has become very special to me wink.gif I also found out a good friend of mine, with whom I've had a combustible relationship with over the years to say the least, also had this diagnosis many years ago and I have enjoyed immensely relating our life's experiences since and understanding each other better.

I also have an Aspie folder in my email box with over a hundred emails from other Aspies, doctors, teachers, social workers and just people thanking me for helping to lead them in the direction of their own life's discoveries. I communicate regularly with many of these people now.

Has my life gotten better for knowing about Asperger's Syndrome, learning about how others live with it and seeing it first hand? Absolutely!

Has writing about this publicly been worth it? You bet it has!

For more info on Asperger's Syndrome read my post below from June 1, 2009.


November 20, 2009 - Well it's been almost more than 2 months for me and I know for sure I'll never smoke again. The joy of quitting is wearing off now and I don't think about it nearly as much anymore. smile.gif

Watching kitty and some others take on the book has had me thinking alot about it and why it works for so many people and seemed almost like magic to me.

I wonder if there IS something to be said for the fact you must really want to quit. I didn't think so because I never went into it particularily wanting to quit I had someone nagging me incessantly dry.gif and it seemed to be the easier thing to do. laugh.gif After reading it I just figured anyone forced to read it would quit - maybe that's not it though.

It's simple to buy some patches or gum and use that stuff, it's even relatively easy to drop into a laser clinic etc - but reading a book - that takes a major effort. I've had that book in my bedside table for two years since Gail quit and suggested it to me. I never wanted to read it because she was so convincing it would work and the thought sort of frightened me hehe.

So maybe one really does have to want to quit when one takes the time to actually read a book about it.

I'm not diminishing the book at all - it's brilliant - and is the only reason I will never smoke for the rest of my life. thumbsup.gif

Just thoughts on the subject. For more info on this book and how I easily quit smoking read my post below from October 16, 2009.

user posted image

November 10, 2009 - She's baaaccckkk. rolleyes.gif

Sarah Palin has one of the best selling books in recent years, millions of followers on Facebook and Twitter (a very Obama-like strategy for 2012) and a love her or hate her iconic personality that has the media frothing at the mouth following her every move for over a year now. Cult of personality. ph34r.gif

She was on Oprah today promoting her new book "Going Rogue" and did OK I guess, still a little annoying, but she made sense at least. Network news was saying this show pulled superbowl type audience numbers, I watched it and I never watch daytime shows like that so that says something I guess. I think she'll be a serious force to be reckoned with, whether against her fellow Republicans in the primaries or even for the Whitehouse or perhaps as an afternoon talk show host. unsure.gif

Check out her cover on newsweek! Pretty sexy! tongue.gif
user posted image

Will you read her book? yo.gif
user posted image

I think I'll pass on "Going Rogue" and save my pennies for the Playgirl magazine issue that will soon come to the shelves featuring her dirt-dishing "son-in-law" Levi Johnston. Serious fantasy material that boy is. tongue20.gif On the road to hell with "his porn" according to Sarah though on Oprah today. devilish.gif
user posted image

Actually I'll probably read Palin's book as a matter of fact you betcha I will!
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October 28, 2009 - I sorta met this guy who I kinda care how I look around ya know... cool.gif

So I decided to buy some new clothes today - some nice tops, polo type I had in mind - and some pants, some jeans and some of those chino type pants. So I got what looked like a good haul together at a local men's outlet - several pairs of pants and some kewl shirts - checked out and headed home none too worse for the experience (besides the irritating sales woman who kept happening to be folding clothes wherever I was - ie: I'm a shop lifter dry.gif I did nothing but glare at her as I checked out dry.gif ) .

Well wasn't that a total disaster. Nothing fit - not one cock-knocking thing. mad.gif

I know what happened with the pants I thought the length came first not the waist so I totally fucked that up - but the shirts man I am so not a 'small' anymore LOL - maybe I haven't been clothes shopping since I was 18. Anyway, luckily I didn't take any tags off or anything and can return the stuff for some size adjustments tomorrow.

Set me back a notch or too though in my attempts to conquer my fear of clothes shopping. unsure.gif

October 16, 2009 - So after many years of smoking (heavily the past few) I've quit. It's been four weeks now and I can confidently say I'm done. Forever. smile.gif

I read the book "Easy Way to Stop Smoking" by Allen Carr and just like all others who have read it - I stopped after the final chapter. I won't go into details about the book but I highly recommend it to any smokers who want to quit (and that's every smoker wink.gif ). It's not some magic or drugs or nicotine replacement technique doomed to failure, Allen Carr masterfully and effectively undoes the smoker's brainwashing and puts the nicotine addiction in it's place as just an incredibly addicting substance but quickly in and out of the body and only relatively mild withdrawals. Once done reading this book quiting no longer becomes a fearful thing and that feeling of dread that you'll be missing something for the rest of your life just disappears. Willpower doesn't work - only in the very strong and then it's always a battle - this way you don't need willpower - it's a joy to quit. You learn that each new cigarette is not a relaxing, nice thing but a cure from the withdrawal of the last cigarette and just continuing the process. What smokers learn to feel as relaxation and stress relief is actually what's causing or increasing that stress in the first place. Non-smokers don't need a cigarette to relax. Funny how we want a cigarette sooo bad but then when we're actually smoking it we're often thinking 'yuck why am I doing this' - until it's out and then the whole process starts over again.

All the benefits of not smoking out number the benefits of smoking by far because there are no benefits to smoking! The changes (recovery) happen so fast to the body, the complexion gets so much better as does muscle tone, appetite, the senses of smell and taste, the breathing, the sex! and on and on and on...

I will never smoke again and quitting was one of the most enjoyable and easiest things I've ever experienced. I'm not kidding. Read the book!

So I'll stop now at the risk of being really annoying to any smokers reading this. dry.gif
But as the book says - quitting is one of the most important things a smoker can do in his lifetime, so you want to announce your accomplishment. smile.gif
Nobody ever announces they've started smoking.


Bandit hasn't been a "bad puppy" but I made this thread about him years ago so I thought I'd add his latest drama here...

Bandit has had a "friend" Chloe since he was a puppy, the farmer-next-door's dog, who he chases up and down the fence separating our properties every day. He spends all his time waiting for the tractor to come along the fence and go for his runs. This all seemed like fun and often Karen, Gail and I would watch on our side while the farmer watched on his side and nothing ever came of it. Rarely did either dog go on the other's property.

This past spring the farmer added a new dog to the mix, a very ugly (OK I'm biased hehe) blueish-grey colored thing with pointy ears and a very mean face. For periods of time they kept this young dog chained but as the summer progressed he started joining Chloe in her little fence-running "game" with Bandit. Bandit stopped running the entire distance, seemed a little apprehensive and I could sense their demeanours changing. Chloe and "ugly" - I don't know his name, have started coming right on my property now challenging Bandit. He tends to keep his distance and just chase them off when necessary.

Well Bandit got attacked by those two dogs on Thursday. Bandit was freaking to go outside as usual while I was working with Ryan in his office. I let him out and off they went down the fence only this time they stopped and didn't come back. I called up to Ryan and told him to look at the dumb dogs with their heads stuck in the fence together again (this has happened before) but as soon as I opened the door I heard a noise I hope I never here again and started running to the scene. Chloe and Bandit were locked by the mouth and Bandit being in the worst position of the two was being pulled through the fence onto their side. I jumped in as Chloe and Bandit were locked (I could see Chloe's teeth coming out the bottom of Bandit's chin) I wailed on them both and made sounds I didn't know I could make. That not working, I tried to pull their mouths apart and got my hand stuck and got bit pretty badly - I know that's not the thing to do but my protective adrenaline was surging. While Chloe and Bandit were locked in the mouth hold - the other dog was taking chunks out of Bandit's back, tummy and legs. About ten seconds they let go of each other and my hand and I jumped on Bandit and smothered him with every ounce of strength I had as the other dogs kept coming at us. Luckily Ryan had come out to help although he is very nervous of dogs but just his presence and approach helped end the ordeal. Looking back I'm not sure this was an intentional fight - I think they accidentally got their mouths stuck (not unlike when they get their heads stuck in the fence) and it just escalated out of control. They always have had "words" with each other when they reach the fence ends and turn around to run back.

Bandit was a mess. I called the neighbours and they weren't very sympathetic - almost blaming me for inciting this over the years by letting Bandit out whenever the tractor or four-wheeler goes by - meanwhile they left me lying on top of my dog smothering him in the field, screaming and yelling while their dogs went at us. The farmer's wife did come out and was yelling for her husband but I guess he couldn't hear over his tractor. On the phone she made a dig deal about how mean and nasty the new breed of their younger dog is - I felt like I was being challenged - redneck farmers. Would they like me to get a second pit bull and even the playing field? As if. My dog is a gentle pet and I know their farm mentality makes their dogs a little less like pets and more like farm workers. She also tried to deny that her dogs ever came on my property and she see's my "dogs" on her property all the time - this is just not true. She can't see where they come over from her house but her husband has to know they come over here. She even said when she saw me lying in the field it was on her side so therefore Bandit was on their property - I told her I had a witness (Ryan) that that's not how it went. Before the new dog came along Bandit might have wandered over there occasionally but very rarely. I told her I needed to go for a tetanus shot as I haven't had one since I was a kid and she told me if I did that all our dogs would be quarantined - so I agreed to not do that. I did, however, take pictures of all the assorted wounds on me and the horrible wounds on my little boy. In the end they agreed to try and keep their dogs off my property if I stopped letting Bandit out whenever the tractor goes by - I explained that we all thought that was fun and games until the second dog came along and I asked if they thought differently why hadn't they spoken to me. Bottom line - they have guns - and I don't want to not get along with my neighbours there's been no trouble for 5 years now. They will get phone calls whenever those dogs are on my lot though.

It's Sunday now and Bandit has recovered very well - most of the swelling is under control and he's been licking his wounds better. He couldn't open his mouth to eat for two days but he's back eating now and I'm tucking the odd children's aspirin in his food.

I think these pictures sum it up well. Who is challenging and who is defending...


Here's some pics around the garden from this fall. laugh.gif

user posted image

In our own way. wholewaving.gif

August 8, 2009 - I hope everyone is enjoying their summer (or winter laugh.gif). It's been very cool, wet and generally gloomy in my part of the world this summer and people are starting to feel ripped off as we near the fall. dry.gif
When we do have a sunny day it sure is appreciated though. sunny.gif

Just a quick update - there is some exciting stuff coming up this fall, I am pleased to say we have partnered with a world class producer/director and have started shooting scenes for our upcoming new section 'Canadian Beef'! This section will be the new Originals and all the models will be totally shot for our site in stunning HD - you might recognize some people and things in the movies. wink.gifwink.gif
The guys will all be Canadian and there will be lots of action shoots to accompany some of the hotties' solos. We will have a feedback system in place and will be able to produce what you want to see! I'm looking forward to this and hope it will be something you enjoy. So watch for that in the fall.laugh.gif

Here's some pics around the garden from July. laugh.gif


June 29, 2009 - We added a large resource to the site - Gay Porn Portal - 38 genre specific video consoles (each with a very decent selection), 4 HDTV feeds and a bunch of fun flash based games. Like I say on the main page this could be an entire website on it's own thumbsup.gif.
We're also up to 200 Originals now! That's almost 4 years worth, man time flies, it doesn't feel like that long at all since we started with those.laugh.gif

I've been enjoying Wimbledon this year. Just finished up the round of sixteen and both my picks, Serena and Roger are still going. Predictable I know biggrin.gif but I figure always choosing Serena nets me one or two slams a year and well Nadal hadn't dropped out when I picked Federer, so I wasn't picking the favorite at that point. My heart would like to see Andy Roddick win this one, somehow I feel he works very hard and deserves another slam trophy. Check out the bigger version of his pic below by clicking on it. tongue12.gif Interesting to see Scotsman Andy Murray play under the home pressure, would be pretty awesome to see him win as well. An all Williams final is still possible, really hope not - no offence to the gals but I've had enough of those. tongue.gif


Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett dead in one day? It's like fate has taken to acting like a serial killer. sad.gif
I, like most guys of my generation, had the famous poster on my bedroom wall. Farrah was a beautiful woman on the inside as well as on the outside by all accounts. Her recent documentary on her struggle with cancer was inspiring and showed the inner strength she had. She lost her hard battle and will be missed.

Michael Jackson was murdered by a sort of cruelty, too large and viscious to fathom. Not unlike Elvis Presley, who had already been assassinated by the public and press and his closest friends, Michael had been shunned by the same over the past few years, even Quincy Jones, who made millions off his younger protege, had refused communication with him.

When Jackson married Lisa-Marie Presley, many viewed it as a sham wedding to divert attention away from his first molestation trial. I always thought it was more the King of Pop and daughter of King or Rock n Roll thing Michael was after, albeit a bad reason to marry, I mean look at his remarkably absurd sons' names Prince Michael Jackson I and II. Legacy and history with grandeur. The high camp aesthetics, heroic self portraits, red velvet thrones - all parts of his perverse and beautiful kingdom.

Michael was making a comeback. When he officially announced it, as always his charmingly innocent fans were there. After all this was the very same man who rewrote pop music as we knew it with Thriller. Or was he?
His eccentricity too great, his reputation so damaged, the world had all but written him off. He drifted, ghastly yet still stylish; like Blanche Dubois.
He left his beloved Neverland ranch and it's treasures to languish in neglect. His final exit off stage can be easily traced to his second molestation trial. Pyjamas, sleek black jackets, long eyelashes and pageboy wigs appeared to have pushed the public too far for sympathy. He seemed oblivious (as if in a morphine induced haze as some said), he won the trial but not much else.

Jackson was never convicted of anything. He was weird, he was brash. He was the lonely child of an abusive father. His art is without precedent or succession.

Will the public continue to talk of his controversial life or let him have a measure of dignity. Dignity many have refused him because of his profound otherness and beauty that became greater, he asserted, through surgery, fashion and performance. His own georgeous freakishness.

Michael Jackson should be remembered for the music he wrote. For his impossibly perfect motion; his thwarted abject love; and the face of trauma he presented as an artistic gesture to exquisite pain, pain we all beheld and turned away from - as he expected - in disgust and terror.

Thanks for the music.

Here's some pics around the garden from June. chores_gardening.gif


June 1, 2009 - Seeing as my hockey team got knocked out in the second round, every other team I even vaguely like are gone and the freakin' Red Wings and Penguins thumbsup.gif are in the Stanley Cup finals I turn my attention to tennis and the French Open. ohmy.gif

I watched in shock like everyone else as Rafael Nadal, the best player on clay and four time reigning champion, bowed out to Robert Soderling. Novak Djokovic (little shit disturber hehe), arguably the second best player on clay, was also taken out by a much lower ranked player. Upsets at the French Open are nothing new but I don't think anyone saw Rafa's early exit coming. It looks really good for Roger Federer, who won a really tough five setter today, to finally complete his personal grand slam (all four majors) and surpass Pete Sampras at the same time for most slams ever. I thought Andy Roddick was having a good run this year, but he too went down in flames today to home favorite Gael Monfils, a fun player to watch smile.gif.
On the women's side Serena started slow but is looking like a contender for sure. She can keep her Grand Slam quest (all 4 majors in same year) alive with a win. Dinara Safina is playing like the number one player she is and totally obliterating her opponents on what appears to be a collision course with Serena. It's awesome to see Maria Sharapova back and playing so well, I'm not going to count her out either.
The French Open is my favorite tournament, such a fast surface and a tournament where underdogs often surprise. thumbsup.gif

What do you suppose is up with this pic? blink.gif biggrin.gif


Here's some more garden pics from the last weeks of May. chores_gardening.gif

Asperger's Syndrome
I was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome a couple of weeks ago and what a ride it's been since learning this. So many personal agonies in my life explained - connecting dots and reading how other's live their lives with the condition has just been eye opening. I can say it's an enormous relief because it is, but it doesn't change anything - it just makes some of the things I never understood about myself more understandable now. With learning I hope I'm able to find ways to make some of my deficiences less of a burden to myself and others. I will not use it as some kind of excuse for inappropriate behaviour (I already have that mastered lol) but as a way to try and cope with some of my aspie traits. My family has had a bit of an epiphany over this as we can relate it to my father who died in 1999. There is no doubt he had this syndrome as well and it makes some of his brutal choices about his family make more sense to us now.
One interesting thing is people born in Deep River, Ontario from 1965-1980 (that would include me) have a well-documented abnormal rate of Asperger's syndrome, well above the national average. This led me to wonder about living next to a nuclear power plant but that doesn't appear to be relevant, the leading theory is that it is a genetic condition. Just a coincidence I guess.

Most of you won't know me personally enough to know how profound a discovery this is for me. I am most definitely not looking for sympathy (see quote below) but I wanted to write about it in hopes I could find others who want to share or might learn themselves about Asperger's and people around them that might have the condition. I welcome any emails on the subject.

Info on it... http://www.aspergers.ca

Another guy from Deep River... http://swim4aspergers.wordpress.com

Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asperger_syndrome

I wanted to write how this affects my life but it's too soon for me to really process it all yet. The following article was one sent to me early in my diagnosis and startled me with the extent to which it could have been written by me. I certainly couldn't have said it any better than this lady does...

Asperger's: My life as an Earthbound alien
- an anonmymous person who works for CNN.

Recently, at 48 years of age, I was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome. For most of my life, I knew that I was "other," not quite like everyone else. I searched for years for answers and found none, until an assignment at work required me to research autism. During that research, I found in the lives of other people with Asperger's threads of similarity that led to the diagnosis. Although having the diagnosis has been cathartic, it does not change the "otherness." It only confirms it.

When I talk to people about this aspect of myself, they always want to know what it means to be an "Aspie," as opposed to a "Neurotypical" (NT). Oh, dear, where to start . ...

The one thing people seem to know about Asperger's, if they know anything at all, is the geek factor. Bill Gates is rumored to be an Aspie. We tend to have specialized interests, and we will talk about them, ad infinitum, whether you are interested or not. Recognizing my tendency to soliloquize, I often choose silence, although perhaps not often enough. Due to our extensive vocabularies and uninflected manner of speaking, we are called "little professors," or arrogant.

I don't quite understand small talk, and early in my adult life, solecisms were frequent. At meetings, I launch into business without the expected social acknowledgments. It's not that I don't care about people, I am just very focused on task. Do you have to rehearse greeting people to reinforce that you should do it? I do.

I am lucky to have a very dear friend who savors my eccentricities. She laughs, lovingly, about one particular evening at a restaurant. Before she could get seated, I asked her what she knew about the golden ratio and began to spew everything I know about it. I re-emphasize how lucky I am to have her as a friend, because this incident occurred long before I was diagnosed.

A misconception is that Aspies do not have a sense of humor. It is true that we can be very literal, so we often miss the humor in everyday banter, but we can and do enjoy even subtle humor. Our literal interpretations, however, can be problematic.

In first grade, whenever someone made a mess in the classroom, the teacher would ask a student to get the janitor. The student would come back with Mr. Jones (not really his name), who carried a broom and large folding dustpan. When I was asked to get the janitor, I looked all over the school and reported back to the teacher that I could not find it. After all, the person was Mr. Jones, so the janitor must be the object, right?

I lack the ability to see emotion in most facial expressions. I compensate for this deficiency by listening to the inflections in people's voices and using logic to determine emotional context. The words people choose, their movements, or even how quickly they exit a meeting can provide clues to emotion.

I also have intensified senses -- touch, taste, smell, sight, and sound -- so I am attuned to lights, noise, textures, and smells. In a "busy" environment, I will eventually go into sensory overload and my mind will go blank. When this happens, I have to "go away" mentally for a brief period to regain focus. When I "return," I have to piece together what occurred while I was "away." The additional mental processing I must do to function every day is fatiguing, and I don't handle "ad hoc" very well. Being asked to respond quickly in the midst of all this other processing is difficult, sometimes impossible.

I am so sensitive to touch that a tickle hurts me. This is the hardest concept for most people to understand. How can a tickle hurt? All I can tell you is that it does, so I avoid being touched except by those who have learned how to touch me.

Hugs are dispensed infrequently, but if I do hug someone, I resemble Frankenstein's monster, arms extended to control contact. When my dad (who I suspect is an Aspie, too) and I hug, we both have "the approach." We sometimes miss and have to re-approach a couple of times until a brief, awkward hug is achieved.

In school, other children noted my differences, and I was bullied (and tickled into fits of despair) for years. Already needing extended periods of time alone, my response was to become even more of a loner. Uh oh. When you are weird, you are a joke. When you are a loner, you frighten people. It's always the quiet ones. ...

I am married (wow!), and my brilliant husband is an absolute sweetheart. I don't know any other man who has the self-confidence to be pushed away (sometimes sharply), both physically and mentally, as often as he has been. He has been gentle and patient (and, yes, frequently emotionally depleted) as we both worked through my need for space, tendency to go so deep into my own world that the real world and everyone in it cease to exist, and sensitivity to touch during the 26 (soon to be 27) years of our marriage.

I live with anxiety, because the world can be overwhelming and people have expectations that I always, sooner or later, fail to meet. I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have been told that I am rude, inaccessible or cold, yet I have never purposely tried to harm anyone, nor do I mean to be, well, mean.

I could tell you so much more, but instead let me share one last insight. Don't pity me or try to cure or change me. If you could live in my head for just one day, you might weep at how much beauty I perceive in the world with my exquisite senses. I would not trade one small bit of that beauty, as overwhelming and powerful as it can be, for "normalcy."



May 9, 2009 - Spring is here and the yearly spring clean up of Tylersroom is done. I removed a few rarely used and/or perpetually broken feeds and all savings will go towards some new stuff coming up soon. After much feedback we're going to increase the action partnerings in the Originals and throw in a few bonus episodes now and then. laugh.gif Also by request we will soon be adding a store where you will be able to buy any Originals scene in super high-quality DVD format or packages of scenes. Ryan and I always welcome feedback so never hesitate to email us. laugh.gif

I have been a Vancouver Canucks hockey fan for longer than I care to admit and have a great sense this could be our year. We have to get by the young and eager Chicago Black Hawks first and that series is currently tied 2-2 with game 5 tonight in Vancouver. Vancouver plays like a defensive clinic when they're on their game - boring as hell at times - frustrating for the other team, but ask The New Jersey Devils, this is a way to win cups. thumbsup.gif I picked the Pittsburgh Penguins and Vancouver Canucks in the finals from the outset and so far things are still on track for that possibility. Carolina Hurricanes being on the verge of upsetting the top seed Boston Bruins was not expected at all though and might be an unforerseen wildcard. And then there's the Anaheim Ducks, that team scares me, I'm not sure who The Canucks would be better off against in the western finals, the Red Wings or Ducks, if we make it that far. It's been some exciting hockey thus far. thumbsup.gif

Here's some pics of some early bloomers in the garden and me and Bandit. More soon... chores_gardening.gif


April 2, 2009 - The snow is gone, the early bulbs are popping up and almost all the fish in my pond survived a very harsh winter.unsure.gif Spring is here woohoo!! I can't wait to get out and start taking some pics again.unsure.gif I'll be updating my blog more often as well. I've personally been through alot of crazy shit in the past 6 months and there's nothing more therapeutic than writing in here. Be warned hehe.devilish.gif

Ryan and I have been quiet for a bit but we've been working hard on some big changes for the website which will be coming soon. Thanks very much for sticking with us during a tough economic time for alot of us. As always, feel free to email me or Ryan with problems, suggestions or just to say hello! action-smiley-whole-waving.gif


January 1, 2009 - Happy New Year! cheerleader.gif

I'd like to wish everyone a safe, peaceful, healthy and prosperous 2009.

There are lots of exciting new things in the works for Tylersroom in our ninth (!) year and once again I'd like to thank everyone for your continuing support. action-smiley-hugs.gif

Blog updates coming soon... action-smiley-whole-waving.gif


November 5, 2008

A great collection of the front pages of many newspapers depicting Obama's historic victory.

November 4, 2008

Nothing can stand in the way of the power of millions of voices calling for change.

October 28, 2008 - Why, as a Canadian, am I biting my nails down to the bone about the 2008 US election? Because what happens in the US will shape our future far more than anything that happens here at home. If America doesn't prosper, neither do we. If America isn't safe, neither are we. Canadians desperately want America to find it's way again.

I think (and really hope) Barack Obama is going to win, all the momentum and polling seems to be going his way. One week out and he's up by as much as 8 points in Virginia, a state that hasn't voted for a Democrat since 1964. He draws staggering crowds in both traditionally red and blue states like never before in the history of US politics.

John McCain and especially Sarah Palin are throwing mud and holding divisive rallies but the good news is - it doesn't appear to be working this time. The pitbull in lipstick has turned out to be an albatross in high heels hanging like a noose around McCain's neck. McCain and Palins' ugly campaign does not appear to be swinging independents in his favor but having quite the opposite effect.

If this becomes a rout (I hope), maybe we'll see the end of not only Bush-style economics and foreign policy, but the end of the poison that is the Rove-style politics of personal destruction.

In these times what matters in a leader is not knowledge, experience or partisan politics. What matters is character, temperament and judgement. Who's better to navigate through this mess? Even those who think Obama is a seriously flawed candidate now think it's him. He's a rookie but he's the best they've got.

Not all Republicans are clueless hockey moms or racists. A surprising number are intelligent professionals who are convinced Democrats are inherently evil. They really think that, if he's elected, it's the end of the world. They are the mirror image of the fanatics on the left except they wield influential power in the Republican party. Barack Obama will never get these people on his side. But if he wins he can do something else. Reset the tone.

Sometimes you don't know until near the end what an election is really all about. This election is no longer about the audacity of hope, or the first black president, or Sarah Palin, or the Iraq war or even the total ineptness of the current president. It's about America on the ropes, and it's ability to regain it's footing and find it's way again in a troubled world. The stakes are high for us because, until it does, we're all in trouble.

On a side note I started this website on Nov 12, 2000 right during the thick of the 2000 Florida result debacle and wrote my very first blog post on the day the Supreme Court said Bush was President. Needless to say I was whining in my first ever post.

Now it's done. The Bush era is over. Upwards and onwards friends. laugh.gif

After midnight on Saturday night I let Bandit out for a pee and he came face to face with a skunk. unsure.gif
Well he won the battle but got sprayed right in the face in the process. dry.gif
I heard the commotion and called him in, as he got closer the fumes started to get stronger. He came in the house and proceeded to roll around on the floor and brush himself up against walls and cupboards. ph34r.gif
I almost lost my lunch (actually I did after a couple of hours in the stink crap.gif ) I have never smelled anything like it. It was nothing like the drive-by smell of a skunk, not only was it 10 times stronger - strong enough to burn your nostrils - but it had this almost "burnt" smell to it. Really, really gross. sick.gif
I had already had a few drinks and had no idea what to do so I panicked and locked Bandit on Ryan's side for the night. rolleyes.gif devilish.gif
A friend came over in the morning and Bandit was given two tomato juice baths and one shampoo bath. He still smells faintly but it's bearable now. smile.gif
I spent the entire day today washing down walls and floors. It's now a scintillatingly sickening aroma of cleaning products and skunk. Skunk is such a hard smell to get rid of. dry.gif
While I was trying to fall asleep that night I was just trying to pretend that I was back in my growing days rolleyes.gif 1orglaugh.gif


August 12, 2008 - Talk about a cloudy and rainy summer. Blah. Everyone keeps thinking it's gonna get better but here we are in mid August and it's still raining dry.gif. Couple the rain with the incredible amount of snow we had earlier this year and long time precip records have been falling almost daily. On the up side the trees, grass and gardens are enjoying it. It hasn't really been hot this year either. dry.gif

Thanks to all you guys for continually supporting my site and efforts for all these years. Watch for some new and interesting things in the fall. I've had many requests for more duos in the Originals, as we've had a string of solo guys, so those will be up soon. As always feel free to email Ryan or me if you need anything at all. laugh.gif

I've been enjoying the Olympics so far. I love watching the swimming and the new suits (though less revealing sad.gifohmy.gif) are very kewl and make the swimmers almost look like dolphins when they're racing. Sexy Michael Phelps has won two golds at this point and is still on target for eight. The men's relay final was just wild, Lezak's last minute heroics were great fun to watch. Talk about winning by a fingernail, apparently if the French swimmer had touched with his fingertips instead of his palms the result would have been much different. Haven't watched much else yet, lots of women's beach volley ball has been on and man is that like softcore porn or what ohmy.giflaugh.gif. What's up with those itty bitty suits? Question is do the men just wear loin clothes? rolleyes.gif No medals for Canada yet but our swimmers actually have done well breaking tons of personal and Canadian records. I missed the opening ceremony but I've heard it was pretty fantastic. smile.gif

Should be interesting who Obama picks as his VP. I find it a little odd that Bill Clinton will be introducing him/her on Wednesday night of the Democratic National Convention in a couple of weeks ohmy.gif. It certainly doesn't look like his wife will be chosen as she's slated to talk Tuesday unless it's all a smoke screen but I doubt it. I wonder if the die-hard Hillary people will make any noise at the convention. Should be interesting to watch. rolleyes.gif
Even though nobody seems to want to address it (and for good reason) race is definitely going to play a big factor in this election, not that I think it should, but it will. I think Obama will have to tackle it graciously head on and not try to avoid it. He has to take the lead and try and reassure people he "is one of them" without playing the "race card" himself. Rumor already has it McCain's campaign plans to artfully, viciously exacerbate race in the weeks ahead. Not to mention the preacher who won't go away, Jeremiah Wright, is releasing a book and doing a book tour in October. The Obamans must not be so pleased about that.
I don't think Obama will win this election. Think ahead twenty years and imagine looking back on this election. Would it really seem that strange looking back that the first black major-party nominee, a guy with little experience, no foreign policy credentials in an age of terrorism and unrest, a very different background and the name Barack Hussein Obama, lost? It would probably seem inevitable. That Obama has beautifully and eloquently convinced many that the opposite outcome is even possible is his gift.
If I could vote, I would solidly fall into the category of undecided at this point. juggle.gif

My Challenger is finally in biggrin.gif. I've had this car on order for 16 months and it was well worth the wait - I just love it! Dodge did a fantastic job keeping the retro styling of it's 1970's brother. The detail is really well done right down to the vintage fuel cap thumbsup.gif. I lucked out and got a 2008.75 First Edition version of this car but I'm betting you will see them all over the road in 2009. They will be available in a few different models in 2009, not all with the big Hemis under the hood. Some pics here.

Also here's some pics from around the garden from July and early August. chores_gardening.gif laugh.gif

Talk to you later!


July 27, 2008 - I hope everyone is having a great summer. I've been roaming a bit, gardening alot and Ryan has been holding down the fort. I'll be updating my blog soon with some info about what is coming for the site in the fall, some pics from the past month and my usual ranting haha.laugh.gif

June 22, 2008 - Coming up on the 8th year for this site. ohmy.gif There are a lot of changes going on in the industry and I will endeavor to keep this site relevant and interesting in the coming years. There hasn't been alot of new feeds available for us lately but we currently have 755 videos in the Video Downloads, 132 exclusive videos and pic sets in the Originals and 180,000 pictures in the Selected Sets. thumbsup.gif There will be some exciting new additions in the next few months so stay tuned. laugh.gif

I really disliked Hillary Clinton little more than a year ago but I must say she won me over during the last three months of her historic campaign. I was sad to see her go and don't really think she will be on the ticket as VP. I read somewhere that Michelle Obama can't stand her and is seriously pressuring her hubby not to choose her. My bet is if Barack Obama continues to lead in the polls closer to the August convention he will chose someone else, if he's behind or neck-in-neck maybe he'll take Hillary but I still think it's a long shot. For the past few months Clinton showed herself to be articulate, well informed, smart as a tack and graceful. The biased US press made me sick, the night Obama got the number of delegates he needed to clinch the nomination, when they jumped all over her because she didn't concede and throw her support behind him that night. What a crock, can you imagine how hard that must have been for her after getting so close? She bowed out graciously a few days later in a very eloquent speech that she gave a pass to speech wirters on and wrote herself. If only she had found her own voice a year ago. "We didn't quite break the glass ceiling but there are now 18,000 cracks."
Senator Obama better start talking issues and stop spouting talking points and lofty esoteric speechs because he's starting to appear like an empty suit. I'm sure he can surround himself with strong people but for a year that heavily favors the Democrats he seems a risky choice. Mind you with the big increase in registered Democrats (more than 40% first time since the polling started in the 60s) and the dwindling GOP base this could be a romp. I am convinced Hillary Clinton would have been a stronger general election canadidate but things worked out they way they did. I can't stand John McCain and his pandering so I guess it's Bambam as the lesser of two evils. Don't get me wrong I used to think McCain was one of the few decent Republicans but the man has really changed and is talking a whole load of crap right now. Saying Obama would be a continuation of the Carter administration is just plain silly and a little desperate if you ask me. Should be a very interesting fall nonetheless. unsure.gif

It was a shellacking very unbefitting King Fed. ohmy.gif
The French Open once again proved to be Nadal's territory for the fourth year in a row as he humiliated the world's number 1 player Roger Federer 6-1, 6-3, 6-0 in the shortest finals match in the Open's history.
I don't think Wimbledon will come any easier for Roger. I had money on Djokovic for the Grand Slam this year until Nadal screwed it up. dry.gif laugh.gif I think Nadal is going to be a thorn in alot of players' sides when it comes to the French Open not unlike Henin was. Speaking of Henin, I was very sad to see her retire, I lived to see her get beaten. devilish.gif I have noone to put anti-webpages up about anymore. sad.gif I loved to hate her but she was a damn fine and entertaining player. The women's side has become a little boring right now and she will be missed.
You can't help but like Rafa tho, is he a nice young man or what? Not like Djokovic who seems to rub alot of people the wrong way.

Bring on the grass.


Here's some more garden pics taken this month. I've been asked by many of my readers if I could show a peek of the inside of my house after all the outdoor pics I've posted over the years. I can't take good indoor pics so I put a quick video tour together, the quality is only so-so but I did the best I could. I also mumble alot during it laugh.gif sorry for that, now I know why people are always asking me to speak up. My crib. laugh.gif

I've decided I've had enough of being single. I have started going out and meeting people and it's like someone unmuzzled me - once I get started you can't shut me up. laugh.gif I've been having fun though and I know not to try too hard but I would sure like to meet someone special. Suitors welcome. waving.gif rolleyes.gifbiggrin.gif


May 19, 2008 - I've given up on these US elections. I never get my way. It never works out like I expect or hope. dry.gif First in 1999 I thought it was impossible that a poorly spoken, seemingly dim-witted guy could be elected but he was... twice. In 2004 I thought Kerry was the absolute worst of the 8 or so Democratic contenders. When he rode onto the set of Letterman or whatever it was on his motor bike in leather pants I cringed. Same with the windusrfing episode. Disappointed.gif Now in 2008 I thought you had a bright, well informed and strong candidate and now she appears to be getting railroaded out of the picture. Meanwhile West Virginia is voting tonight and will likely give her a huge victory. Doesn't matter it's over says the media. dry.gif Obama is like a huge question mark for me, I don't know exactly what it is he stands for. "Change" doesn't cut it with me as Bush ran on "Change" in 2000. dry.gif I would however, if I could cast a vote, vote for either HRC or BHO over McCain. He confuses the hell out of me, when he ran against Bush in 2000 for the Republican nomination he seemed like a totally different person that he is now. He definitely takes the pandering game to whole new level. I think we have an election coming up here in Canada, hopefully I might at least get my way up here. rolleyes.gif

Spring is in full swing up here and I've started taking some pics around the garden again, you can see them here. Laterz high.gif

April 26, 2008 - The site is humming along in it's 8th year online and I thank you, as always, for your continuing support. unsure.gif I took some time off this year and left the day to day operations to Ryan. Seems like nobody noticed I was gone dry.gif so big kudos to Ryan on a job well done. biggrin.gif I'm back at work now and seeking out some hot new stuff for the site! Comments and suggestions are always more than welcome. You can email me anytime.

For all those who wrote asking why I wasn't updating here anymore, thanks for reading and I'll try to keep it up better. I could go off on a tangent about the US election but I don't wanna piss anyone off too much and I'm actually pretty mixed up by the whole thing anyway. One thing I can say is that it's been better than geography class anyday for learning about the States and thier populations not too mention how the whole process works. tongue.gif Quite a messy piece of work if you ask me but then you didn't ask and I'm not talking about politics. laugh.gif

Spring has finally arrived up here and not a minute too soon. In typical Eastern Ontario fashion we went from 35 F to 85 F in 4 days. blink.gif It just stunning how fast things are growing this week, playing catch-up maybe. Lots of pics to come. smile.gif I've always wanted a cottage by the water so this spring I decided to get the next best thing, a camper trailer. I got it from Ryan's grandparents who have kept it like brand new for the past few years. I plan on taking TR on the road this summer. tongue.gif Maybe I'll install some webcams and see what kind of trouble I can get up to. rollseyes.gif Some pics of the camper are here. high.gif Check back for updates of my travels in the TRmobile.high.gif